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Vicky Donor-The need in fragmented Organization

Sanjeev Sharan

Designation : -   Director HR

Organization : -  ZTE Telecom India, Gurgaon


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"No! It is difficult to nominate my team for training in Russia. It's not in our business vertical. No much benefit to us" responds Venkat to Ravi a newly joined Training Head. Venkat is business head of Division 1 who was responding to the request nomination of three employees for training. Ravi is suave gentleman with experience in OD, and had joined from a fortune FMCG. After joining he focused on capability building for future strategic growth of organization. It was observed through recently concluded TNI that "the need to provide hands on training on strategic planning and project management" is crucial for organization. TNI was done keeping the future strategy of organization in place where StaCom was planning to venture into niche projects globally.
Russian Project was identified as case study to address this need. It was complex project in terms of latest technology and processes introduced. StaCom had taken a bold step not only by selecting the geography but also procuring raw materials from different countries. Execution progress is going good and aggressively but also has its own share of challenges. This was a critical project for the organization with very high futuristic stakes on the organization. Based on the TNI Ravi had identified 6 employees from three different business units. These nominees were young mid level professionals with very high performance track record and were recommended for Six weeks front end training in Russia. The program was designed meticulously by attaching them with various heads to work closely. During first two weeks they were supposed to work as assistant to project manager followed by working with planning head and quality head for next four weeks. It was end to end planning to execution exposure.
Ravi had sent few reminders for nominations to business heads of divisions 1, 2 and 5. On not getting any response from division 2, he walked up to the HR Head of the division to request for support. It was not unusual to walk up to the person to remind incase the subject is important. It was common culture of MWO (Management with Openness), in his previous organization, where one is expected to walk down to the concerned person to discuss and close the issue.
Division HR head Amrit was a polite gentleman with 11 years of experience in StaCom. He had joined the organization as assistant manager from a chemical organization and was promoted last year as Division HR Head. He displayed his unawareness about such mail, but on searching he found them as "read" in his mail box. Ravi diplomatically ignored it and requested to nominate three suitable people based on Amrit's experience. "Yes I agree it's a good training opportunity but I cannot nominate since Russia is not part of our Division. It's the part of another Division" replied Amrit justifying not nominating participants. "But why? It is One Organization. It is part of StaCom and this will have larger benefit to the organization" countered Ravi in exasperation. Amrit nodded and replied "I wish I could, but unfortunately it is not as per our process. We cannot send them". Further proposed by suggesting Ravi "Why don't you help us find this kind of programme within our BU. I am more than willing to nominate my people for this kind of training". Ravi retorted maintaining his cool "Yes I would have loved to do it but you know it that this is first kind of project in StaCom, hence no other locations have this kind of multi level project.
 It would be good for every BU to get their people trained on it and get them future ready". But the discussion ended without any conclusion as he could not get nominations for employees. Finally Ravi had to nominate participants from second list.
StaCom is an old legacy organization having 25 years of history. It had started in Madurai as a small Steel trading organization and gradually grew as a large organization with business interests in Infrastructure, Transmission and Power generation. StaCom expanded to several countries, with latest in Russia and African countries. Stacom has reputation of producing some great products.
Recent business magazine ranked it 6th out of 8 prominent players. The seventh and eighth ranked organizations are relatively new with less than 5 years in existence and comparatively are moving with strong growth rate. Revenue wise though it was 6th ranked but the gap between 5th and them was three times while production profitability gap was five times per employee productivity was much lower than the competitor.
Culturally StaCom was an employee friendly organization with low attrition rate and boasted of 65% employees completed more than 10 years in the organization and around few were as old as organization.
Question 1:  Is this a case of Isolation?
Question 2: Do we find this common around us?
There are multiple examples of such cases around us and many of us can refer such organizations. This takes us to the drawing board to "review and analyze drilling down" of the influencing factors it.
Take Aways from Vicky Donor movie :
There is an interesting linkage between the Vicky Donor movie and it. The Movie is being referred here without any malice motive. The movie needs to be looked into from the perspective of "Resource opportunity". It leaves us with the need of sensitizing the requirement of resource planning for larger goal. It emphasizes the need on "Aligning of larger goal by sharing resources". Movie talks about the families who were unable to bear child due to medical reasons, opted for the donor. It was a cleaner, medically certified way to build a family. This can be categorized into process stages of Goal, Challenges, Opportunity, Resource Identification & Utilization.
Conclusion :
Objectivity : Organization objective need to be clear.
Focused : Focused on Goal. Align self goal with organization goal.
Adaptability : Managers need to be more FLEXIBLE in nature.
Resource : Focus on resource utilization perspective.
Reduces : Resource wastage is controlled by controlling duplicity.
Hoarding : Culture need to be changed for larger goal.
Win - Win : Success depends upon adding value in others life.
for all
Message : Do not load camel with unnecessary straws to collapse and end the business for ever. Success is all about right planning.