Article (March-2019)


Valuing between star performer & ethical employee

Dr. Chandan Medatwal

Designation : -   Asst. Professor, OB HR and Soft Skills

Organization : -  NIIT University, Neemrana


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A biggest question to any employer is to find the answer the real attributes of an employee. A complete personality and psychology check would be the appreciable efforts from employers to know the employee. In this era, the VUCA environment which is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous, the possible VUCA solutions such as values, understanding, continuity and agility are the coping strategies.

For any organization, it is outset opportunities ever to grab and retain the talent. Nevertheless, appraisal plays an important role where employees' potentialities are measured. As organizational objectives are explicit, it comes on to the employees shoulders to embellish the exact connect to the internal as well as to the external environment. It's the long term commitment, determination and diligence from an individual prudence.

An organization decides its own strategy to evaluate their people either by performance rating or employee interview. Comparing and contrasting the employees regarded unethical to the employers too. It's hard to find an endorser or a performer completely whose dimensions requires to get assimilated overtime. For an organization too, it's critical to take decisions for those have contributed efforts from last so many years and suddenly found the unfit.

It's crucial and long lasting scenario while deciding the act of an employee as an endorser or a performer only. Few of them may predict different, unattached or circumstances matters too. 'Influencers' in the system might be considered while knowing the latent talent. It is the 'Latent Talent race' where can we experience over time the worth of knowledge workforce which they themselves do not know. Though, an employer easily get to know through various appraisal tools and can compare the performance of any employee. Through the HR analytics and big data management, crucial factors related to employees are measurable. From an organizational viewpoint, it is preferably in the hands of the system to proceed with the established system.

For any developing, developed or underdeveloped country the economy matters while controlling organizational policies to take decisions to cut down the cost as retrenchment. Uncommonly, the hiring phenomena somewhere majorly biases the recruitment and selection procedures. An organization must certainly clarify theobjectives which can ever set the fair system and heuristic approach where can an employee openly accepts the expectations of the system in terms of responsibilities than that of executing mere duties.

An organization can shape the employee. The employer, leader and policymakers are the biggest strength to generate faith among employees to take them as an asset. As a like sculpture, transformation is always possible. This would take it to the quest of being a consistent performer, a top performer to the ethical employee.

Employer's decision should not only to pick and choose one, either the endorser or a performer, but also to analyze and took out from tentative unexpected smash. Unlike a sculpture, it's possible for an organization to reckon the opportunity to create balance and reshape their human capital. The pioneering culture must adapt the OCTAPACE values with diligence to cut the rough edges. The iterative process is the ever right dimension is needed to take care the parameters and to rejuvenate it over time.

It's quite skeptical to mark with the complete allay towards either an endorser or to a performer. Action cycle would be the best approach to push the latent talent for awakening. Fair dealings to decide the employees' integrity with the system creates a culture of development. The proper follow up in reference to an employees' dignity and job fit aspects creates a lot of impact in performance of the whole system. Right intellect, integrity and invocation are the three players per se that enlighten the values of employee to be an endorser for any organization.


It's been absolutely important to build relationship with the talent through the following 'Three C' approaches -

Creation of unbiased culture - A system must maintain the ethics and wisdom at the upper hierarchy. Circumstances and analysis are better than the choices.

Communication - Grapevine practices are the best approach an organization can adopt to judge the professionalism amongst employees to give them the tag of endorser or a performer.

Change Management and anticipation - Well transformation is always the best way to retain the talent. Exposure and perseverance from the employees' motive clearly shows their principles which might not be known to them but the system know either through appraisal figures or through observations.

To summarize, what we should value, top performer or ethical employee, the transformation and integrity exists. A never ending process of supervising and transforming an employees from their individualistic approach to the organizational approach are the change management initiatives which benefits the system. Anticipating change is the bright view in success formula. Top performers possess agility whereas ethical employees possess commitment. Irony is to focus on retention by strong strategic HRM practices that possess high degree of understanding behavioral patterns. An employer must respect the employee with dignity and harmony regardless the age, gender and position. A sound culture leads commitment, commitment leads performance and performance ultimately leads endorsement.