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Mohisin & Mohta Co. was one of the  renowned law firms of the country handling corporate matters in Labour and Employment, M&A, Insolvency, BIFR, Tax and Company law. Every vertical was headed by a senior law professional designated as Section Head. Apart from handling legal issues of clients companies, the firm also developed a separate vertical of compliance audit and legal training to cater needs of corporate managers. Amrita was head of this section. Amrita was in this section from last three years and had a good grip over senior management team. Amrita's strength was excellent communication and interpersonal skills. She was good in PR. Despite not being from  a formal academic legal background, over a period of time she had braced herself with  intricacies of legal training and compliance audit by moving out to clients for business meetings along with team members who were having legal knowledge. Maximum business of trainings and compliance audit was considered as brought by her. Though she was having two team members with her also but nothing much was credited to them.

All vertical heads were reporting to the Business Head.  It was Ravindra Mohan, Business Head who appointed Nish  through some reference to fill the vacancy arisen in compliance audit and legal training vertical because of resignation of one female employee on account of her marriage. Amrita had suggested that there was no need of filling the vacancy by appointing any one as she was capable of handing the complete vertical and bring business but Business Head did not pay much attention to her suggestion and appointed Nisha.

 Amrita was informed about joining of Nisha by Ravindra Mohan and asked her to induct, orient and handover the complete charge of the seat of legal training and compliance audit which 
earlier woman was looking after. For Nisha, employment in a leading law firm as Legal Training Executive was very exciting. Nisha did her law from a  reputed university and her interest was in labour employment relations. She did her internship in this subject with another leading firm thus had a fair exposure on employment regulations. She was also an avid reader of journals. Amrita did the induction and orientation of Nisha, assured her full support being her team leader. Nisha also found her quite supportive and hand holding. Amrita acted like an elder friend and mentor.

Amrita briefed the tasks to Nisha which her predecessor was doing. It included worksheets regarding developing new programs, exploring training business, meeting old and developing new clients and brining business.  Nisha started working. She presented a plan to Amrita, as to how she wanted to move forward. Amrita made changes in her planning, asked her to visit clients only with her, not to develop new programs and explore new clients rather concentrate only on present list of clients and move slowly. Whenever, Nisha planned visits, Amrita accompanied her to clients' offices. Amrita did not introduce her well to clients and discussed the matter herself. Whenever Nisha tried to intervene and proposed new offers, Amrita pressed her hand indicating to keep quite in clients meeting.

Like this three months passed. Neither Nisha could bring any business, nor develop new clients, nor new programs because whenever, she tried to do something new, amrita discouraged her and diverted her to new non productive tasks. Few days back one article written by Nisha on employment regulations and compliances was published in a reputed newspaper to which she got praise from promoters, business head and all other section heads and her inbox was full of appreciation mails. Her social media account also got attention of many other law firms' senior professionals who praised her article having beneficial insights. All section heads came to her seat to congratulate her. But amrita comments were not very encouraging. She commented, "Nisha devote your time and energy to your job. The article publication is not going to help you here. Show some performance. I saved you by covering up for three months but not now. You cannot expect spoon feeding all the time."

Though Nisha was surprised at her tone and tanner but took it constructively as guidance from senior and did not smell anything.

One day Amrita was on leave. Nisha was little disappointed because she was finding herself a non performer. She thought of reconnecting past programs participants from different organizations to rebuild the contacts and identify the needs to develop new programs and make a breakthrough for which when Nisha was making search of some past documents in computer, she was unable to locate details of participants who attended their past programs and their feedback details.

She decided to call her predecessor to know the location of participants' details in the computer. She called her. The folder and location which she told was missing.  Also, what she opined about amrita was contrary to her image Amrita created before Nisha.

 As Nisha was aware of Amrita's computer password, she decided to open her computer, made search and to her surprise the folder of all details was there. She also located one list of active and prospective clients with file name-"prospective and active". Amrita had not shared these files with her. Neither she ever discussed and talked about this data with her to work upon.

 Nisha was feeling sunk. She relied, trusted and banked upon fully on Amrita, gave full respect and worked with full commitment in the direction she asked  but Amrita somewhere kept her in dark,  did not provide her a transparent platform with adequate tools to perform. She was unable to decide as to which Amrita personality was true? The way she presented as if she was the only well wisher of Nisha, talked so politely and friendly with intimacy or the other side where she hide the important information to create blocks that could have helped Nisha to show her performance? Can a person have such double faced personality?

For a moment she thought of taking out the folders from her computer but then resisted. She thought it inappropriate to do so in her absence that too with her leader.

Next day Amrita came to office, opened her computer and asked Nisha whether she opened her computer to which she said "yes". On asking why, Nisha narrated the whole sequence and also that the folders were lying in her computer which she did not tell about to her while these should have been in her computer and also that she concealed the important data from her which could have been used to explore business opportunities. Nisha was firm and straight and to the point but with politeness.

 Amrita could not digest this behavior of Nisha. She busted out on her and overstepped all boundaries of decency. She went to the extent by saying, "Aur kya kya search kiya hai, kya kya dekha hai?Ek artcle kya chap gaya, apne apko corporate lawyer samajhne lagi ho, ek minute mein neeche utar doongi."

 The whole office was stunned. The issue was not that big to Amrita to have responded like this and escalated to this extent.

 Nisha felt feeble and numb. This was not the Amrita; she knew and believed all together.

Amrita went to Business head and complained about Nisha. After sometime there was a message from business head for Nisha to come and see him.

 Nisha was thinking how to deal with situation and present her story to Ravindra Mohan.  Nisha was in dilemma . She was unable to decide her approach to be adopted in the matter.

Questions for discussion:

1. How do you critically evaluate the personality of Amrita?

2. Was it proper for Nisha to open amrita computer and make search in her absence?

3. Should Nisha expose Amrita before Business head and tell the truth what has happened to her during last three months or keep quiet?

4. How Business Head should handle the situation?