Article (November-2019)


Trainer has to be something more than a public speaker

Sharad Mishra

Designation : -   Vice President - HR

Organization : -  ANDRITZ HYDRO Private Limited, New Delhi


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There has been a paradigm shift in learning and development in past few years due to technology intervention. What is your take on L&D of the future?

SM Today's organization's success lies in skillfully dealing with a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambitious business environment. This demands development of an agile and future-ready workforce. This can only be implemented by utilising the latest technology available in market to not only chart the training needs but also impart the same. Therefore success of future L&D will be defined by successfully integrating the technological advancement in the area with the need of delivering learning solutions in ever faster, cheaper and better ways.

What are some current trends that you are optimistic about in the L&D function?

SM Association for Talent Development lists five emerging L&D trends, which makes more sense in today's dynamic business environment where learning solutions need to be faster, cheaper and better.

Personalization (based on individualized skill need), Bit Size Resource (short duration learning), Robust Reports and Analytics (measuring and proving ROI through obtaining and studying data on employee performance), Gamification (Similar to any games, earning points & badges for demonstrating learning) & Experiential Learning Environments (applying learning to solve real work problem).

Do you consider L&D as one the key challenges for talent management leaders in fast changing skills scenario, if so, how it should be addressed?

SM The most boggling challenge for L&D is to measure and demonstrate ROI for something as intangible as direct improvement from L&D session. With the dawn of new technologies like Big Data and other analytical technologies we can now interpret data better and thereby understand these intangibilities better. Even a basic pre & post measurement of performance indicators can be useful to estimate the impact of L&D interventions.

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