Towards Greener Power – A HR perspective

Towards Greener Power - A HR perspective
The research is based upon the secondary data. The mobilization of data available through internet could not be further authenticated. In order to maintain HR perspective of the paper, uses of technical data have been kept in minimal.
Increased per capita use of electricity is considered as economic indicator for measure of prosperity of a country. The generation of electricity of India is largely dependent upon use of fossil fuels. The stock of fossil fuels is limited. With the growth of civilisation, the energy needs of the country is growing and getting increasingly dependent on fossil fuel. In turn, the increased carbon footprint of the mother Earth is resulting multi-fold of environmental problems including rupture of the ozone layer and follow up sustainability concerns. The objective of any business is to serve the society that it is encompassed with and thus sustainability of any business is dependent on sustainability of society. The power sector being the mother of all industries is having most impact when one counts sustainability issues. The International Labour Organization in the World Employment and Social Outlook (WESO), 2018; said that India is expected to witness the creation of more than three million jobs if it adopts sustainable practices for a green economy....

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Indranil Banerjee

Sr. HR Professional at CRM Cell, West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd., Kolkata

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