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Towards ethical mindset

Anil Kaushik

Designation : -   Chief Editor

Organization : -  Business Manager


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In last two months, our country has witnessed two incidents which have impacted the corporate India and public at large, thus raising many questions on business and social values. The incidents are of demonetisation and TATA-Mistry dispute. While demonetisation is said to have initiated to remove corruption and push social life towards ethical living, TATA-Mistry dispute raised the questions of succession planning, conflict resolution and also of ethics and values in business. After all, unethical mindset leads to corruption.

Some people may argue in favour or against both the episodes. It is said that demonetisation can be a good case study of short-sighted policy intervention with ill planning and poor execution which forced people at large to suffer, think differently and change the style of living overnight in terms of economic management. In  TATA-Mistry dispute, the legacy and brand value has got a big dent. Management thinkers have started redefining the actions/counter actions of both sides according to their wisdom. But if you take a dive and minutely dissect both incidences, you will find that somewhere issue lies is of ethic or integrity, be it in business or society. The issue of ethics gains importance and relevance now because in recent times, we have very intelligently rewritten the definitions of ethics and integrity according to our social needs and business convenience.

It is time to divulge on these issues to assess the direction where we are heading. We have a roundtable coordinated by Dr. Vinayshil Gautam where business , academicians and financial experts evaluate these incidences and put forth their candid views.

Cover story on HR & ethics is also an extension and bye product of these two incidences where role of HR function in building an ethical organisation is discussed by Industry and HR professionals, because they are in a unique position to help build an ethical culture and inculcate the values in employees as their involvement in recruitment, training, and evaluation processes gets on from the very first day. They have the leverage of influencing the people at large by their actions and practices. It is high time for HR people to become guardian and champion of the ethical culture in the organization because ethics has everything to do with management. It needs to focus less on specific actions and more on developing attitudes and way of thinking that reflect their values.

Let 2017 be a year for HR professionals to bring and develop highest standards of ethics in organization culture.

Wishing you all an igniting 2017 !

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