To work on aligning people expectations with business realities

To work on aligning people expectations with business realities - Namita Dabas
To be a good human being who is caring, nurturing relationships, and have the ability to design people centric strategies and interventions.

What Inspired you to join HR profession?

ND It is said that finance and HR are the bed rock of any organisation. Without the right culture, coupled with engaged and motivated employees, no organisation can be successful. I have innate strengths on working with people for their success in professional and personal life and thus found the function intriguing. A HR professional has to understand business and then align the policies, processes and welfare schemes to facilitate business success. It’s interesting to assess the ground reality, hear the people voice, and then align the same with organisational strategy. My inspiration was driven from numerous case studies during management education wherein HR was emerging as the pivotal function contributing to organisational success.

Do you find any difference between your dream job and reality? If yes, what?

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Namita Dabas

currently is working with Goodyear India LTD as a Manager - Learning & Development. An experienced HR professional with more than a decade year of experience. Exposure to Indian and Multinational organizations, working in the local and global environment having experience in all facets of Human Resources.

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