Article (February-2017)


To retain, live by employee value proposition

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A lot of time of any human resources manager goes in managing retention, in today's competitive world most organization struggle in holding some of their best talent back. There are times when we have walked up to the management with a study of what the competition is offering to our employees. We had endless discussions and debates about how we should change our policies, compensation structure and benefits to fit into this world of job hopping individuals.

In most of the exit interviews we gather information on why the employee is leaving us. Very little talk is done on what is that one thing that we offer that made the employee stay with is us all this while. We tried this as a small experiment with 3 exits in our organization and started highlighting and working religiously on practices they posted out as their reasons to be with us. The result was that we were able to identify what our employees saw as value we built for them. Evidently it is important for all organizations to identify their Employer Value Proposition, but what is more important is to live by it on a day to day basis through the culture in the organization. Every people practice followed, each policy written and action taken has to speak of the value proposition for the employees. The HR team along with the managers needs to be culture ambassadors and ensure that the every employee is able to identify the value for himself.

Every time we draft our retention and hiring strategy now only one thing comes to my mind "Grass is always Greener where we Water it". Instead of looking majorly at what the world is offering to the talent pool I would rather look at what I can do better for my employees and how do I ensure that they identify with the organization's Employer Value Proposition.