Article (February-2019)


To remain balanced

Anil Kaushik

Designation : -   CMD

Organization : -  Focus TPA


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When it comes to people in business, it has always been very un-predictive, but still we look at trends, focus and challenges for HR professionals every year. Some issues have been on the list for long and some have been addressed. This year too we intend to understand as to what can be the foremost few challenges for HR that need to be addressed.

In India, business is passing through a different phase, with certain amount of uncertainty in terms of Govt. policies about required labour reforms. Much noise has been created about and hopes have been aroused  but nothing substantial has come out. There should not be much hope now because time left is very little for bringing out changes as country is heading towards next general elections. So HR professionals should learn to remain with present labour regulations and address their needs accordingly.

In diversified workforce, handling sexual harassment issues will be an emerging challenge. Employers need to invest on trainings and building a gender neutral work culture. It is directly linked with the brand image of organisation. Time is to move from collective to personal when it comes to building effective network, employee development and talent retention because one side, organisations want to retain the talented employees but on the other side, we expect them to take their own responsibility for development. HR professionals need to understand employee's expectations and aspirations and match them with organisation's opportunities and business reality. No doubt, technology is in mainstream as far as HR processes are concerned but challenge would be to stay unaffected from overhyped technology and use them selectively keeping in mind the overall effect on people behaviour. HR is expected to contribute strategically towards business. Need is to explore the minimal efforts that bring high business impact rather than with high efforts and low business impact.

Along with HR trends, focus and priorities of CHROs in 2019 in a special feature, this edition carry much sought-after yearly compilation of around 700 important labour judgments of 2018, which is a must for all HR people to know about. These have been selected after going through thousands of pages from different law journals and comprehending central point into few lines. The judicial trend has been the same as it was during last year with a clear message that no one would be allowed to abuse the process of law with zero tolerance on unethical practices and indiscipline.

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