To make Hybrid work – be FAIR

To make Hybrid work - be FAIR
There are four dimensions that are important and need to be considered for the success of Hybrid working. I have termed it FAIR meaning Flexible culture, Alignment in Work processes, Role and Capabilities, Integration with fairness and Results and outcomes.

What prompted employers to embrace Hybrid work model? What can be the benefits and pitfalls in shifting to this work model?

DP Three factors have contributed to hybrid working :

a. Pandemic induced behaviour : Because of the constraints in working in the office due to the pandemic, people realized that it is possible to operate when employees are working from home. So organisations realized the possibility of Remote working and accepted it as part of work process.

b. Technology : The advancement in Technology gadgets, applications and faster connectivity helped in ensuring that working from anywhere is seamless.

c. Voice of Talent : Given the change in thinking and orientation of people, coupled with demand for talent, employees today are prioritizing their personal needs and demand their space. There are many employees who feel they should have the choice on...

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Dr. D. Prasanth Nair

is a doctorate from IIM Ahmedabad. He is currently CHRA of TVS Capital Funds. He is also part of leadership group in ZingHR.

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