Article (April-2019)


Time to establish value system

Pramod Kumar Tripathi

Designation : -   AGM - HR

Organization : -  Bajaj Energy Limited


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The organization managed by seasoned professionals and having a strong HR policy with elaborated process of recruitment viz. clarity of candidate's education, experience, technical knowledge, and remuneration for a particular Job/designation will always be a green signal for any organization. The way of hiring through company career portal, hiring agencies, newspaper, social media and campus selection etc and formulating the career path for employee would also a be leading factor for organizational success & also help to cater the need of right talent and retain them for a long extent. Here in the case, in order to usher in a greater degree of transparency, there is the dire need to form a committee for selection of new buds consisting functional head, HR head and an assisting person of senior level of the Company. The deeds and traits of HR person Mr Shiva Prakash, by changing company's policies of hiring to fill-up manpower requirement was sufficient indication  of unfair intention, which leads to consequent mounting of attrition rate of employees recruited through agency. Being a HR head, a periodic analysis of attrition rate should have been carried out to check the future thrive of employee turnover. The synchronization of clout with Mr. Shiva & Mr. Reddy have not appeared a single time in whole business matrix, which leads to loss of production due to insufficient supply of manpower and even lack of profess, for a common facade of cohesiveness and alignment. They are engaged and performing their responsibility in their own way which are not sunny for usher greater accountability, team dynamics and also in contextual perspective. Here, Mr. Reddy's initiative to explore the root cause and ordering for investigation by an external agency to ascertain the reasons for growing attrition and about the amount paid to recruitment vendor seems to be in right direction. It has to be done because that there seems to be a  loophole in the system to process financial documents, as works director is not in the loop of processing of outsourced single vendor's bills. Finding of investigation report in respect of Mr Shiva Prakash should be put up before higher management and must be taken stringent action to prevent such activities in future. The functional and behavioural aspect of Mr. Shiva prakash as a HR head is condemnable. As far as Mr. Reddy is concerned, being a leader of a team, he is just not only accountable to the Board and profits; he is also answerable to the inner voice of conscience that represents fairness and transparency. To some extent, the allegation of Sexual Harassment by a female employee of HR against a HR guy and co-worker Mr. Sumit seems to be well thought-out allegation, which should be intelligently handled by Mr. Reddy rather than escalating the issue to get spread the hoax of Sexual Harassment between the them. The early resolution of the same by Mr. Reddy would be beneficial for him and for organization as well.

Mostly organization tend to cling to processes, strategic point of reference , people issues, technology and systems and practices that were triumphant for them in their formative years. It's appears and observed from the case that only human resources department was involved in hiring personnel which is not enough to bring right person and right talent. The process of recruitment needs to be more transparent. A drive of employee engagement activity should be started to make all employees feel good, feel valued by ways of Rewards & Recognition scheme. The Millennial talent is constantly looking for significant work opportunities and steady challenges. Also, it is the conscientiousness of the organization to persistently keep future leaders sufficiently challenged so that they give their best at work. The interface with senior management can help them get enthused and stirred that provides them with a much needed push towards work. The people processes in the organization should be re-evaluated and re-defined for future prospects.

The matter is very sensitive. A person, accountable to bring organization on heights in terms of people capital, is on off beam lane that is having a strong support from higher management. Mr P. Mohan Reddy needs to tackle the whole dynamics very carefully by taking into confidence the corporate management and convey the entire findings as reported by external agency in recruitment process irregularities and affecting production due to huge attrition of employees. Firstly, Mr. Reddy should call the "aggrieved" HR female employee, hear her voice of complaints against the co-worker and analyse the thump of sensitivity. Secondly, He should also call Mr. Sumit to hear his stand on the allegation issue. Thirdly, immediately form a committee of recruitment with due approval from Management. Fourthly, explore a new vendor for manpower supply within defined period of replacement if the recruited person leaves the job within prescribed time. Lastly, suggest the top management to take strong action against Shiva to establish value system in the organisation.

Being a Leader, Mr. Reddy has to handle the whole episode with a certain degree of sensitivity, balance and being positive about situation. He must come forward to provide the mindset and direction to push the culture to one that is people centric. This mindset desires to instil every process.