Article (August-2017)


Time for continuous learning & enhancing skill levels

Achal Khanna

Designation : -   CEO

Organization : -  SHRM India, Gurugram


1. How do you see the scenario of mass layoffs in IT sector to change in future?
Ans. The rationalization of the manpower in IT industry is not something unusual. As companies are now gearing themselves to respond to the demand for the latest and innovative technologies, redundancies are bound to be identified and reduced. The traditional maintenance & programming solutions required English speaking workforce with basic levels of engineering skills. Automation and digitization have made many of these skills outdated and hence the jobs to be irrelevant. To stay competitive in the market; solutions & services offered by the IT companies are undergoing an overhaul. And this calls for more sophisticated skills to perform the complex jobs. Reiterating that this phenomenon is not uncommon, it is a part of evolution, unfortunately, a painful one. Automation and employment interactions like this have been periodic. 
2. Is there a greater need than ever to stay updated, up-skill, re-skill and remain employable?
Ans. IT space will be constantly evolving. Staying updated, re-skilling cannot be a transitory state to tide over the current threat of employment loss. It has to become a way of life for the employees. Obviously, there is a need for an enabling infrastructure to equip people to re-skill themselves. Besides job losses, there is another worrisome threat for the hundreds of thousands of aspiring engineers at India's IT colleges where the curriculum is still aligned to serve the erstwhile typography of the IT sector. Re-skilling and retraining should not just become the discussion topics but action plans.