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The Whole Brain Leader


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The message in this book is simple: leaders who are able to put the whole brain into action can optimise organizational performance. Both Jonsson and de Waal have distinguished careers in leadership development across countries and cultures, as well as in their roles as.
The book begins with the authors unpacking the challenges of the modern leaders and the realities they are facing (realities that keep on changing dramatically). An 8-dimensional leader is the one who not only understand his own thinking preferences but is also able to understand and respond to the thinking preferences of his team members and employees. The added value of understanding your own 8-dimensional profile is that as a leader you can surround yourself with people who complement you and assist you in areas where you lack the passion or the skills. Organisation have to reinvent themselves in order to deal with the VUCA world, a world defined by a high level of Volatility.
Major shifts in leadership thinking are necessary. Leadership is no longer attached to a position; it has become a process.
All this presented in the book, would make you aware of your reality, help you to implement Whole Brain Thinking, teach you to Lead as a Coach and get you started on the transformation necessary.