Article (May-2018)


The Sleeping Tigers

Rana Som

Designation : -   Author

Organization : -  SAGE Publications India Pvt. Ltd.


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When a person sitting at the helm of affairs in the organisation  has courage and conviction, enough leadership skills  and fire in his belly to do something different, impossible turns around to possible, sick becomes healthy and darkness see the day of light. The book becomes more relevant and timely when in the country the talks of selling out the Air India are getting momentum. The sleeping tigers is the interesting story of two such public sector organisations-Hindustan Copper Ltd and National Mineral Development Corporation (NMDC), which were at one time either on the verge of closing down or became stagnant, but the author as leader of two such organisations has written the success story and put them on the path of revival and rejuvenation. The book is an authoritative document from horse’s mouth. The author had been chairman of these two PSUs, who turned around the PSUs with his demonstrative leadership skills and innovative approach.
It is well known the business organisations under Govt. operate in very different environment with lot of limitations and visible and invisible interferences from stakeholders, be it political bosses, bureaucracy or local community pressures. All these constraints reflect negative in balance sheet of PSUs.
Through this book, the author has put before all the interesting case studies from which managers can take out many leadership and management lessons. When people in the organisation rediscover and re establish their inner strengths with focussed approach to achieve the defined goal, how things turn around in the business organisations, one can get to know from this book.