Article (July-2018)


The Power of Positivity

Padmakali Banerjee

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Organization : -  SAGE Publications India Pvt. Ltd.


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As a psychologist, the author has consistently researched on success and innovation. She has wondered about the variable that separates a successful leader from others? The answer perhaps is in this attitude that has the differentiating power to transform and to win.
Author believes that the powerful attributes of optimism that guided has in personal and professional life can also be replicated by people at large. And so the approach of the book is to delineate the practical implications of optimism as a s powerful trait for achieving success and a life of fulfillment. The book talks about a seventh sense, which can be understood as optimism intelligence, to be nurtured throughout life with far-reaching benefits to individuals, both personally and professionally.
The seven chapters of the book are complete in themselves, yet make a composite whole and unravel the concept of optimism steadily and surely. The book takes you through a roadmap of life situations and emphasizes the fact that cultivating the spirit of optimism can empower individuals to achieve their drams.
It acts as a virtual handbook and toolkit that enables readers to practice optimism in real life. The objective, through this book, is to empower the youth to become creative, innovative and accomplished beings, and transform the world into a place full of peace and happiness.