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The New Collar workers befit India

Sabyasachi Dutta

Designation : -   Managing Director

Organization : -  Vidatec India


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Before we understand the term 'New Collar' that hosts a new category of workers let's revisit the prevailing terms long being used in the corporate world, namely :

Blue Collar : Blue-collar workers are those who are engaged in manual labour, typically agriculture, construction, mining, manufacturing etc. Blue collar jobs are usually delivered by neo skilled or unskilled personnel.

White Collar : White-collar workers are the ones engaged in doing highly specialised work minus physical labour. They perform managerial or desk work in an office or other professional environment.

White collar employees are considered comparatively more educated than blue collar staff and in normal parlance imply higher (white collar) and lower (blue collar) social class - though ought to be unacceptable in modern civilised societies yet unfortunately rather widely prevalent.

The term 'new-collar' was coined by former IBM CEO Ms. Virginia 'Ginni' Rometty in 2016. It blurs the line between white-collar and blue-collar jobs and a distinct overlap amongst the two is noticed. Rometty believes these are the jobs that "may not require a traditional college degree" instead youngsters could be trained through vocational schools, software boot camps, technical certification programs (similar to the courses ITIs offer in India) and, on-the job internships.

It's not the fancy degrees but what they bring to the table is the right mix of in-demand skill sets and absolute relevance that's need of the hour. It offers a perfect match that an employer may seek and individual talents who have opted to be absorbed, armed with those very relevant skills.

Cybersecurity Architects, App Developers, Cloud Computing Specialists, Augmented Reality Creators are notable 'new collar' jobs that might see huge demand as the world rapidly transits to digital mode especially post Covid19.

Sabyasachi Dutta - Managing Director - Vidatec India

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