Article (April-2020)


The Middle Muddle Helping Middle Managers Navigate Careers

Bimal Rath

Designation : -   ounder & MD

Organization : -  Think Talent, Gurugram


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The middle manager is in a peculiar position, maybe even the most vulnerable, from a career point of view. He or she can choose to adapt and be a significant force in organizations.
Organizations are becoming flatter, eliminating many roles that were traditionally performed by experienced middle managers. Tech-savvy youngsters with greater digital skills are preferred in many industries over their more experienced but generalist counterparts.

So how do experienced managers transform themselves to remain value adding and have meaningful and preferred careers for themselves?

The answers, perhaps, lies within each manager. Paradigm shifts and mindset changes are required. These become the base for further learning and leveraging their experience.
This book is a reflection and action guide for managers, especially those in the middle layers of the organization. With real-life cases and handy tools and tips, it provides both food for thought and the energy to create a personal roadmap for managerial success, helping managers at career crossroads.

The books is a ground breaker for middle managers to further develop themselves and climb the ladder. The author experience truely reflects in the book when he interestingly weave a simple clear and practical narrative around a frame work. A must read for all managers.