Article (June-2018)


The Law of Possibilities

Anne-Mette Rosting

Designation : -   Author

Organization : -  SAGE Publications India Pvt. Ltd.


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If you are somewhere in search of light, positivity, possibility and happiness in life at any point of time, while finding self in dark circles of negativity, read this book. It will work like a catalyst and help you bringing out of disappointments and change your thought process to positivity.
Anne Mette is a motivator and coach in Norway. She inspires people to take responsibilities and lead happy life. Through this simple yet powerful book, she is able to infuse positivity in your thoughts while reading and challenge your beliefs with new way of thinking ultimately leading to your own transformation.
The book compels reader to think and believe that you possess lot of resources, creativity with soundness and capability to make your own choices in life. The author then drives to next lane. Once you are confident and powerful to make your own choices, then why to go for negativity and why not for positivity. It helps one in finding out and realising your energy and positivity thieves.
The law of possibilities is all about to discover its magical power, so that it can make your days even better and help you finding the life you truly wish and dream of. Through practicing this law in life, reader may learn how he looks forward and enjoy to its fullest, rather than fighting against it. That’s when one lives a life according to, and in harmony with, his/her innermost values, without being sidetracked by distracting influences.
Author argues that one should also know that within you are all the facets of light and darkness, but the most important part of all is which side of you, you choose to express, at any given time. Who do you want to be? How do you want to live your life? Make up your mind and practice wishing for what you want out of life. Don’t bother with everyone else, but look at yourself. Who are you now and what do you know you have the potential of becoming? Make your choices, focus, increase your consciousness, and begin traveling along your road. It’s right there in front of you, right now-find your true identify. Do not bother looking back at what has happened before in your life. Just look ahead and make sure you are always moving toward your natural powerful potential. If you think it’s hard of you’re unsure of how to get started, ask someone for help. There are lots of good helpers out there. You, my fellow human being, have been put here on earth to enjoy life, to be happy, to grow and learn, not to struggle. You are way too valuable to do that.
Read this book to gain a deeper understanding of why the way in life, the way they do so that you can attract more of the things you want in life and less of the things you don’t want.