Article (June-2018)


The Forward-Looking Manager In A VUCA World

Vikram Bakshi

Designation : -   Author

Organization : -  SAGE Publications India Pvt. Ltd.


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If you want to experience the taste of success in any project or business in this world of full of uncertainties, blend the qualities of discipline, integrity, loyalty, dedication and forthrightness with a high sense of responsibility and accountability-which an army personnel inherits with the business approach.
The book authored by an army personnel vikram bakshi, is aimed at managers and army officers to learn vice versa.While managers of the corporate world need to learn the intricacies of completing projects successfully with inadequate resources in a hostile environment, army personnel also need to unlearn certain hard core values and relearn the art of adaptability in business world of civil life where discipline may be the last in list of preference in some cases. The author has very interestingly infused his knowledge, experience and wisdom and correlated many aspects with the corporate world to handle VUCA problem with advocating forward thinking, which has to be proactive rather than reactive.
Business environment is full of conflicts, complexities and ambiguities and that too in a highly competitive context. The author with his hands-on experience provides interesting insights with the live examples artfully in a very lucid and captivating style. It gives a sound platform on which managers can very easily analyse, apply and imbibe the best practices of armed forces in the corporate business situations. When you read the book, you can very easily co relate. It is a perfect combination of techniques and real time stories about Indian Army and connecting them real time challenges faced by business organisations.
The book is a management manual from which managers and aspiring army professionals, both can learn a lot about leadership, strategy, skill development by understanding the various methods and tools for planning in advance for successful completion of project and prevents the undesirable situations. The book not only provides a practical approach to planning and execution at all levels but also throws light on skill set of leadership.
In all, book has 12 chapters about strength of leadership and character, countering VUCA with disruption, orientation, strategic planning, operational planning, and execution in VUCA with monitoring and control etc. The book with rich contents can be a useful guide for all managers to understand military skills and aptly apply them and workplace situations.