Article (January-2019)


The 99 Day Diversity Challenge

Saundarya Rajesh

Designation : -   Author

Organization : -  Sage Publications India Pvt. Ltd.


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Diversity is that manifestation of all aspects of your identity that make you so very uniquely ‘you’. It’s your gender, the generation that you belong to, your race, the culture that you proudly wear on your sleeve, the cuisine you prefer, the education you have had or are having, the city you grew up. Diversity also means that the person sitting right next to you at work and in whose hands the successful delivery of your project lies might not even know what you like.
This book is narration of the concepts of D&I, which has its roots in author’s own journey as an advisor to many prominent organizations that were absolutely, genuinely keen on creating an inclusive workplace. Through their experiences, through the many conversation that author had with managers, chief executives, managing directors, CXOs, entry-level professionals and likes-bringing their own differing perspectives about D&I and its importance in today’s context- author has learnt what it is to masterfully unravel this very practical concept.
The 99 Day Diversity Challenge has been designed to be a set of stories, right from the anchor story of Bharat Manush, the chief executive officer (CEO) of AcceLever, to each of the stories in the 10 sections. In order to make it even more interesting for you, author has added cross-words, wordfinders, self-assessment tools and activities-all in the space of D&I.
An effective way to use this book is to proceed in the order in which it is written. Staring from the story of Bharat Manush and then traversing each chapter sequentially is a way to advance with a logical acceleration of the intensity of the topic. However, the beauty of storytelling is that you can just pick up the book and begin reading from whichever chapter you fancy today. This is a book about inclusion.
The 99 Day Diversity Challenge is a journey. You appetite to devour the concepts of inclusion and diversity determines how long you take to complete the proverbial 99 days.