Technology will be at centre for HR innovations

Technology will be at centre for HR innovations
AI is beginning to present data to HR to help make informed decisions to recruit, retain and motivate employees. These data driven insights help to create employee oriented programs & workplaces and unbiased, engaged workforce.
A lot of soul searching has been done by the Human Resources function about the way culture and performance issues were handled within companies in 2017.
In 2018, the focus is on technology as to how it can be used to find people (attract), connect people, engage people, even replace people – and what to do when that happens. For years, technology has acted as a tool to help with day-to-day tasks, but in 2018, technology will be adopted as a way of life in the workplace.
Besides continuing all the focus on diversity & inclusion, culture & ethics, pay for performance etc, I see these as the six (6) biggest trends for HR in 2018, and interestingly, technology is the common factor across all. Technology will act as the driving force for HR innovations to enable organisations to accomplish more with less.
1. Shift to Employee – Centric Approach: The purpose of increased employee engagement efforts by companies is to create different kinds of...

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