Article (August-2017)


Technology is a boon; embrace it and up-skill to stay ahead

Monica Malhotra Kandhari

Designation : -   Managing Director

Organization : -  MBD Group, Delhi


1. How do you see the scenario of mass layoffs in IT sector to change in future?
Ans. Growing job insecurity and layoffs among IT professionals call for up-skilling. The personnel need to re-skill themselves according to the need of the sector. According to a NASSCOM report, 40% of the estimated four million workforce in India need re-skilling over the next five years to keep pace with automation and changing skill needs in various industries.
To combat with automation and technological revolution in the industry, HR has a major role to play in order to train their employees in digital skills and help them become innovative and creative. I believe that the universities and education institutes too have a great role in skilling their students because with the same knowledge & no diversified skills, it will be hard for engineers graduating every year to find up a suitable job with decent pay. With only the basic knowledge & nothing diversified, it won't be wrong to say that job cuts might continue for many more years. Hence, there is a strict need of skills up-gradation. Moreover, the professionals trained in newer technologies like Artificial Intelligence, cloud computing, analytics, big data, digital marketing, etc. will command higher pay scales.
2. What all sectors and functions will be highly impacted by job cuts?
Ans. With gloom in the IT industry due to job cuts, all the related industries are facing the heat. With newer technologies changing the way how these industries should function, are compelling the professionals to re-skill themselves. Apart from the hardcore IT sector, professionals in other industries like manufacturing, telecom, banking, etc. have also started feeling insecure about their jobs due to machine learning, AI, automation, robotics and technology replacing the manual jobs.
3. Is there a greater need than ever to stay updated, up skill, re-skill and remain employable?
Ans. With manual jobs becoming obsolete and automation overtaking it, yes, there is a greater need than ever to stay updated, up skill in order to remain employable. Hence, to survive in this fast evolving technological environment, it is very important to re-skill yourselves in newer technologies like robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, AR/VR, etc. Many organisations are now days taking this initiative of training their employees on digital skills and helping them survive in the industries.
Moreover, with increasing competition in the industry where every organisation wants to have the best talent and since there are many people with the same skill sets as yours, it is very important to up skill your abilities & talent to showcase your employer that you are a valuable asset for the organisation.