Article (October-2016)


Talent-Technology Combination

Dr. D. N. Singh

Designation : -   Chief People Officer

Organization : -   (Steel & Power Giant), Chandan Steel Limited, Valsad


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Talent and its translation in the form of technology shall be the key differentiator on the planet inhibited by humans. It's time to turn our heads right towards 360 Degree, and we will find that human society progressed only owing to the talent-transference-to-technology as inventions of Wheel, electricity or electrical Bulb, flying machine et el.

Many of the wars were won over because of technological superiority over enemy. The talent was key to the human needs, and the identification, spotting, recognizing, folding and holding them had also been the desires and challenges the society experienced from the time immemorial.  In recent past, more so with post industrialization era 1950s started with collective deployment  process for menial and labor work known as 'Dihaadi' and or 'Parata System'. The revered and modern conglomerates such as Aditya Birla group as well operated this model.
Manning in its truest term of talent acquisition had been a point of central attention even to the kings in persian courts. The world always fought for acquiring the finer talents owing to possibilities of entire growth and development centers around talent and its translations. Identification, assessment, filtration and selection process for relevant and required talent has been primarily process-centered and independent activities for the entrepreneurs and organizations alike and bringing in competitive elements in eliminationand selection model modes. Every society adopted in the various forms and text, exploring beneath the objective agenda to acquire the best from the rest.

Relevance, importance and focus of the nation can be experienced by seeing the need to create the specialized hiring institutions like Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) and state service commissions, and other nodal agencies.  The multi scale elimination matrix from 1-3 rounds assessments of subject knowledge, functional knowledge, skill test, attitude measurement, personality assessment, psychological orientation and personal interviews enriching the quality of hiring decisions are the indicators of the criticality assigned to the subject of talent hiring processes.

Industrial psychologist like William Schutz developed the  psychological  model of FIRO-B and in recent past psychological  profiling models as Thomas Profiling, DISC, Personality Assessment and Leadership Motivations (PALM) et al.empirical, psychological tools dedicated  for bringing in the  relevance, precision and accuracy  in the desired direction.

The speed and technological integration enjoys the potential to bring the entire human planet irrespective of national geographies, demographics, human race and color into a web of universal citizenship and the paradigm shift in terms of talent-technological-transformation will happen during our life time.

Talent with technology-interface will rule the roots in the world across, and shall be driven at socio-technological platform. Technology is divine,  technology is equator, technology is the supreme judge, technology is a unifier, technology is righteousness as it does not discriminate, technology  is the genetic code of human engineering and development, technology shall facilitate optimal decision making on not only in hiring but lifecycle management in organizations of tomorrow and society as a whole.

Recent phenomenon of talent identification searches and connectivity facilitated at the technological platform as LinkedIn, Facebook,, TeamLease enriched the hiring world with choice of choicest, where competencies, skill and knowledge matrixes could be measured unequivocally. It creates buyer's market. It creates customer king's market. It creates universal market. It enriches local perspective.  In a very recent decision, the Government of India decision to spread the talent hiring process to the campuses, from socio-technological platform as Facebook, LinkedIn,,,, et al are the historical change and the indicator of societal and governmental visioning and prioritization.

To succeed in the times of breakneck change, the institutions will often hire a senior member at the board Level to help them make effective decisions and lead them in the right direction during stormy times. Being surrounded by qualified, talented and eligible  and consulting these men and women of wisdom, vision and qualification, these organization reduce the undesired decisions and mistakes they make, brings in effectiveness, optimize the potential and create credibility in the market place. 

Talent-Technology combination  shall be worshipped on hiring landscape as Ganesha. Technology eyes micro-spaced, prismic and focused, large volume-docketed, vibrant, multi-model synopsis, flexible, admissible and available to all for their well-being. Large eared, input solicitor and enabler. In the backdrop of  all these, lies the validity, relevance and precision of the hiring decision  the organization makes, and the decision science support by the talent-technology basket, will serve these as means to  the end.

Richard Koch in his disruptive publication the 80/20 Individual, vehemently advocates to hire people one who are individual wealth creators and explains KOCH's Law of Individual Wealth Creation-

Wealth = (Talent) x (Wealth Creation Multiple) of this two variables, wealth creations multiple is more important because it clearly varies more than talent does, the wealth creation ultiple is vital.

Therefore, hiring, its processes and its decision could be the differentiating factor between wealth creator and numbers, only when talent turns into wealth when brought into the contact of business aspirations that can use their talent for their purposes. To larger extent, talent itself drives the process but to some extent, Talent may be the beneficiary of the business perspective as the process of exploiting talent to produce valuable results has already been worked out by earlier generations of talented wealth creators and decision makers.

Technological pursuit will change the social belief and experience indicates to the extent that existing modes of eligibility-centric hiring processes will experience audacious and radical models. 

Technology will be the predictor of on the Job performance, social behaviors, level of achievements, positional accountabilities, employee satisfactions & longevity  and employer references et al. Visionary technological-psychological profiling and neuro- linguistic assessmentv and attributes centers will objectively summarize and pre-curse the behavior of individuals in situational context, mitigating the risk of mismatches over & under-sized, singularistic and pluralistic perspectives. 

Technological based hiring will facilitate the generations of achievers and work life integrators. Technology shall be the optimal solutions to the human errors. However, it shall also be seen from the prism, and radius of its limitedness.  The men shall be the 'mantra' for technology at its efficacy will govern organizational life. 

In the western basket, the European union  apply technology based people profiling for complete hiring processes. Human intervention and its assimilation to the maximum extent, is based on data. In India, the sectors like IT, space science engineering, nuclear power, and genetic profiling, pharmaceuticals, weather forecasting, hydrology, hybrid electricity transmission, acquisitions  are  completely technological-facilitation.

People Leadership and talent framework evolves and involve with time and technology, impacting the talent hiring decisions and processes, which shall speedily shift the social moorings, habits and practices in institutional perspective.