Article (June-2021)


Talent Acquisition- An art of selecting right talent

Viral Das

Designation : -   Officer

Organization : -  LUPIN LIMITED, Vadodara


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Each organisation have their own policies about talent acquisition and have set of criteria for selection. Sometimes organisation strictly adheres to it and there is almost no scope of flexibility. In order to recruit perfect and bright candidate, the candidate with least attractive profile or not fitting in the criteria of the company are not even got short listed, though they have good experience and knowledge.

Why does recruiters always seeks perfect candidate with good academic and professional track records? Does selecting perfect candidate really benefits to the organisation? What about the individuals despite having experience and knowledge missed the opportunity just because not fitting into the organisation's criteria of "Perfect Candidate"? What about the candidate who have not much attractive academic and professional track record or may have 1 or 2 years of employment gap? What if a person who has not grown as fast as his fellow classmates or colleagues professionally?

In most of the cases such candidates are not being selected by the company, even in certain cases they are not even being considered for personal round of interviews. Reason is, the growth of candidate is very average as per the age and experience or he has few months or years of employment gap.

Now the questions is, to become a desirable candidate one has to have excellent academic and professional track record only? One with slow but consistent growth does not have any scope? How does it make an employee under performer or failure? There may be many reasons behind not growing so fast. A person may not be much ambitious and may be satisfied with what he is earning or what he is doing, he may be happy with the current employers and might not want to leave due to the convenience he is enjoying there. It doesn't make him less worthy than the candidate who have excellent academic and professional track record. Perception of recruiter needs to be changed toward such candidates as nobody is perfect in this world.

Organisation and especially HR should not forget that they are recruiting human being with set of strengths and weaknesses and not machines. If we are talking inclusiveness and equalities it should starts right from the screening of the CVs. Looking for perfect candidate itself a discriminatory which gives less opportunity to those who are by choice not much ambitious or would not like to become a part of the rat race. Before judging or rejecting the candidate just on the basis of his/her not much attractive profile/CV s/he should be given fair chance to prove his/her candidature by calling him/her for personal interview and selector should listen to him/her and evaluate him/her without being prejudiced or biased.

Certainly we are not here for charity but at least we should develop the perspective to look beyond weaknesses of the individual's and fair chances to be given to such candidates so injustice can be avoided and equal opportunity can be created. If you are entitled and authorized to do good then don't hold yourself back from doing good as this is what for we have called as HR professionals.

Viral Das, Officer, LUPIN LIMITED, Vadodara