Article (January-2018)


Success Mantra - A pendulum clock

Sudip Sinha

Designation : -   NLP - ICE Peak Performance & Wellness Coach

Organization : -  Kolkata


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Everybody want success in life. Everybody want to grow through life and become happy. Nobody is happy in their current state, all requires future improvement. But to get consistent success in life, being high performer in the Industry, few basic mantras to be followed which are the secret of the success.
In the English dictionary letter "A" is very powerful. If you watch a pendulum clock minutely, you will find so nicely it is keep on moving from one direction to other with same speed, with a harmony and after every one hour it rings the bell. In our life, we must learn how to keep on moving with harmony, same speed with consistent successful journey irrespective of what is happening in the external world. Ups and Downs are the common factors in the external environment which is beyond our control, but we can learn how to control ourselves and keep our momentum upright like a pendulum clock, then consistent success will be on our way.

The above A Pendulum Clock - provides 12 elementary personality development trait which should be put into practice by every individual which will help to come out from the comfort zone to achieve milestones of success consistently.

A is Awareness - First we need to perform self - Awareness. What are the strength and weakness we have? Focusing to be given on the strength so that challenges can be converted into opportunity. SWOT analysis is must for every work. Understanding is important how much you can scale up to get the competitive advantage. It is also important to have in depth know how regarding the operating environment. Who is your customer, what are the expectation and need. Once your level of awareness will be enhanced then you can plan it well for the future strategy. 
A is Alert - Always be alert of what is happening so that you can make it before it breaks. Perform predictive risk management to have plan B ready which will help you in disaster management in better way.
A is Active - Always be active and enthusiastic, energetic. Act with alignment of passion to get best in class output. Do not react rather respond to situation so that you can stay come and cool which operating like a high performing individual.
A is Appreciate - Appreciate yourself and others for small achievement which will add up positive spirit of motivation which will be encouraging to boost up leadership behavior.
A is Appetite - Have the appetite to learn more with the technology and people management skills which will make your irreplaceable and make you unique to stand up firmly. 
A is Attitude - Always maintain positive winning attitude with high degree of gratitude of your well - wishers and desire to serve to your customers to provide best quality of services. Low cost high speed, great quality with high performance are key expectation of customers. Need right attitude to handle and set the right expectation to avoid future escalations and smooth service delivery.
A is Ability - Have a strong self - belief and can do mind set to boost up the ability to perform tasks differently. Assess the ability and sharpen your skills to scale your ability up day by day.
A is Accept - Accept the situation which is beyond your control. Do not break you finding answer why me. Rather try to find how to deal with difficult situation to overcome the issues that has come. 
A is Act - Try to work hard and be smart. Chunk down bigger tasks into smaller pieces and start working on them to achieve the smaller milestones which in cumulation will help to achieve bigger target. 
A is Audit - Do periodic self - audit - Are you on the right track? We do have plan of actions ready to achieve the goals and objective? Do you have internal limitations or external dependencies which can be a show stopper? Self - Audit will assess internal state and help you to uplift one step further if you take necessary steps to mitigate identified vulnerabilities. 
A is Authenticity - Be honest and authentic. That will help you to make positive image of pure character. Never allow wrong practice even you will not get caught. Someone is measuring authenticity which is directly aligned with earning of good will. 
A is Accuracy - Focus on 100% correctness of the facts and figures you deal with. Management reporting with 100% accuracy has got great value in decision making process for business growth. Also, judge twice with 4 eyes principle concept regarding the accuracy of the information being shared. 
Change is the only constant in the industry. In the changing industry above 12 personality development traits will enable you to get self re-transformation done to boost up and stay ahead on the upper right corner of the graph and enjoying competitive advantages being great unique individual.