Article (April-2020)


STEP UP Women Journey to Identity, Success And Power

Sailaja Manacha

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Organization : -  Sage Publications India Pvt. Ltd.,


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In book Step Up-Women’s Journey to Identity, Success and Power, Sailaja Manacha tackles the psychological aspects that women need to address to move beyond the internal barriers that hold them back from leading.

Sailaja draws on the foundations of the tradition of generative leadership, which is important because the foundation of generative leadership are based on that is fundamental to any human being. Everyone has a body, emotions and language, and sees their word and acts in it. Everyone interacts with others. Everyone has an impact on others and is impacted by them Sai has used the generative tradition to empower women in leadership with a focus on action, not just concepts; embody skill, not just understanding; integrate action skills into our whole life journey; and produce real results in the world.

This book is a transformative journey that provides women with the necessary tools to become powerful leaders. Borrowing from the well-known frameworks of Generative Leadership (GL) and Transactional Analysis (TA), the book provides an inside-out approach advocating potent practices that can create effective leadership.

This is a book about new futures and new possibilities and you can be the designer of both. It is a practical guide that keeps self-awareness and choice as the cornerstones for what you need to do build the life and work that you want. The book focuses primarily on professional women who are already leaders as well as those aspiring to lead and accelerate their leadership impact.