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Prashant Rao

Designation : -   Managing Business Partner

Organization : -  Reliance Industries Limited, Vadodara


Managing expectations for HR business partners

The word Expectation has huge connotations for Partnership Functions. Expectations and Partnership are complimentary to each other and have lot of dependence and interdependence on effectiveness and the value propositions. The extent, proactiveness and the depth of understanding expectations strengthens the partnership function as a whole.

Expectations in Partnerships have emerged from social roles and have lot of significant contributions for strengthening positive relationships in the social ecosystem. The informal settings in the social ecosystem signify the threads and the impact and effectiveness of influence of expectations between various informal family roles such as father and son, mother and son, husband and wife, brother and sister etc. The family roles in Indian Social eco system are on strong foundations of care, connect and concern which impact the degree of effectiveness of partnership and the associated outcomes for social and family bondage.

The Expectations in the formal roles call for specialized understanding of the competence requirements. They have varied degree on the influence, partnerships and have strong connotations on the customer orientations. The expectations play an important role in the formal structures wherever the service orientation is of a paramount significance. The gravity and depth of understanding of expectation is dependent on various factors such as the environment, culture and value orientations. The expectations in formal roles change with the change of context and move on steadily like a growth curve wherein every expectation giving birth to a new expectation.

The HR Business Partners experience expectations management on a day to day basis on account of the enhanced exposures in collaboration, influence, consultation and facilitation with the stakeholders. The process is enriching and engaging as most of the transactional investments for HR Operations and HR Solutions are made with Business Managers on various facets of expectations.

The most challenging aspect for HR Professionals is to manage the expectations from the business managers and Leaders. The process starts from introspecting the need, analyzing the objectives of the need, assessing the impact and managing the consequence are some of the important dimensions in the journey of purposeful, meaningful and impactful partnerships in overall Expectation Management.

1. Facets of Expectations
The expectation in the formal eco system needs to be understood on the basis on content, context, outcome, and impact.

1.1 Content Expectations 
Content expectation are all those expectations which are built on knowhow, they are primarily related with the information updates, seeking new knowledge wherever information/knowhow is scarcely available or not at all available.

Business Managers expect content expectations from HR Business Partners with an objective to ascertain policy updates, seeking HR solutions on processes, employee updates, reference updates, network updates and expectations with reference to cultural assimilation of employees with the organization and associated value propositions.

1.2 Context Expectations
Context expectations are all those expectations which are derived from the climate or environment which may be intrinsic or extrinsic in nature. The expectation built around context often revolves around opinions, perceptions and perspectives.

Business Managers expect context expectations from HR Business Partners with an objective to assess the overall feel levels of any initiative; the broad indicators include wellness aspects and improvement opportunities with an objective to ascertain the perspectives of opinion makers, key accounts and Populist Champions.

1.3 Outcome Expectations
Outcome expectations are all those expectations which are dependent on the results of any process, initiative or a proposal which may be implicit or explicit in nature. The expectation built around outcome often revolves around judgments, evaluations or approvals.

Business Managers expect outcome expectations from HR Business Partners with an objective to assess their overall evaluations, judgments, and seek facilitation and collaborations for performance calibrations as and when required for approvals.

1.4 Impact Expectations
Impact expectations are all those expectations which are futuristic analytics on the results which are explicit in nature for any process, initiative or a policy. The expectation built around impact expectation often revolves around factors affecting the intrinsic and extrinsic motivations of the stakeholders.

Business Managers expect impact expectations from HR Business Partners with an objective to assess the overall impact of any new initiative, policy or a process. The impact expectations play a very important role in defining the future directions, projections and strategies for the consequence management.