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Sound values, self-belief and head strong identity is my core!

Samriti Malhotra

Designation : -   Associate Vice President

Organization : -  Global HRD, Denave, Noida


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Being a small-town girl from Amritsar, my middle-class background has never been an impediment to my journey and quest to excel. My mother, an educationalist by profession, instilled values, universal principle of Positive Karmas in me since the very beginning. My father, basis his tryst with varied corporate assignments, always inspired me to be an ambitious soul and educated me on the significance of Perseverance & Diligent Approach. With working parents and a nuclear-family set up, my elder brother & sister formed my initial support system. I was privileged to have an upbringing that fostered love, values, mutual respect and independent thought process with a sense of accountability since a very early age.

The same values helped me in my decision to embark my professional journey in HR as main stream career with a passion to make a difference. I had my own set of challenges and battles during the course. My independent thought process reflected Sound Values, Self-Belief and a Head Strong Identity. To top it up, I was quite vocal, straight-forward while challenging the conservative mindsets, unfair practices, gender discrimination et al. Thus, my head-on approach, especially as a woman, often created a stir in a male dominated environment. In my career span of approximately over 13 years, I have had the privilege to work in diverse industries and participate in some of the eminent business success stories. Some of the organizations that I worked with - especially Airtel and my current organization - Denave, offered me a platform to leverage my potential and evolve as a learned professional. This would not have been possible without the guidance of my mentors who coached me to become an effective leader.

My mentor in my current organization, Mr. Snehashish Bhattacharjee - Global CEO Denave, is a visionary & gifted leader. He has constantly inspired me to envisage beyond boundaries and imbibe the innovative thought process. His continued focus on diversity & inclusion has offered me and my fellow women colleague equal opportunities at various leadership platforms to create a niche for ourselves.

My mentors' wider perspective and knowledge has had a positive influence on my holistic development. Here is the gist of some key principles that have transformed me over the years into a better person and a successful professional as I stand today:

Self-belief and positive thinking can move mountains. Many a times, we get influenced by workplace politics and start doubting ourselves. This results in low self-esteem and waste of energy. The astuteness calls for building on our own strengths rather than others' weaknesses. The ability to respond to negative forces with a positive frame of mind, lays the foundation for long lasting success.

Perseverance and steadfast efforts are absolute essentials. As Robert Collier quotes "Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out", determination, clubbed with hard work, inevitably leads to success. Being genuine and true to our goal really pays offs.

Focus on one thing at a time. As women, in the pursuit to multitask and be the perfectionist, we become hard on ourselves with a constant feeling of guilt for not being able to give our 100% on all grounds. This poses a huge risk of burning out fast and impacts our physical and mental equilibrium.

When I decided to take a plunge into motherhood, I realized that my bio clock and career clock were not in sync. During this crucial juncture, I took a step back to relook at my priorities. This helped me to take a tough but right call to focus on my immediate priority and proceed on a sabbatical. I realized that my career breaks not only rejuvenated me but also propelled me closer to my ambitions.

It is imperative that we take informed decisions to create a balance towards personal responsibilities, career aspirations, and simultaneously learn to be compassionate towards ourselves.

Build a support mechanism. Never underestimate the power of team work. 'I can do all by myself' approach is not long lasting. Therefore, we must build our support mechanism in our circle of influence, on both personal & professional fronts and leverage collaboration.

Taking criticism in your stride. Often, people find it difficult to handle criticism and end up compromising on their unique style. They either end up with mental block or try to incorporate every input received. Either which ways, it makes them miserable.

It is worthwhile to be cognizant of the difference between constructive feedback & unwanted criticism to be able to respond appropriately.

Comfort zone leads to stagnation. The opportunities always lie outside the comfort zone. We need to inculcate flexibility to embrace and drive change. Resistance to change does nothing but hampers and stagnates our growth.

Continuous self-development is the key. In today's fast-paced work environment, self-development is generally the least priority in the gamut of 'To Do List'.  We should take charge of our self-development - Be it through up-skilling, keeping ourselves abreast with industry trends and reading or through mentoring. The crux lies in making a conscious effort to diligently practice 'Me Time'.

Channelize your emotions. Our journey comprises of roller coaster ride with ups & downs/failures and successes. Build emotional intelligence to respond to your failures with perseverance and reflect on your successes towards sustaining the accomplishments.

Another important aspect, that influenced my ambitions, is the ongoing 'Quest for Gender Equality' at workplace. We have covered some distance in terms of equal opportunity culture. It will not be wrong to state that women, with their unique attributes and inherent strengths - Empathy, Emotional Quotient, Multi-Tasking & Ability to Nurture are breaking the glass ceiling and reconsolidating their positions. The organizations will need to be cognizant towards diversity value proposition and co-existence of men and women in the boardrooms.

As they say, 'Behind every successful woman, is a confident and secure man' I have been fortunate to have a spouse who is like my solid rock and my daughter, who has made my existence worthwhile. My whole family's unconditional support has been the wind beneath my wings and contributed to my accomplishments.

About the Author

A management professional with rich and blended experience of over 13+ years, Samriti has added value to COEs (Centre of Excellence) – Talent Acquisition & Management, HR Transformation, Organization Effectiveness and Development across diverse industry sectors in Telecom, Banking/ITES, Professional Services and Manufacturing.  
An enterprising leader with excellent communication and people management skills, she has successfully led teams of HR professionals and instituted HR Best Practices for global & diverse cultures. She is also a certified Green Belt holder. Samriti is an avid contributor to eminent HR forums as a panellist.
Samriti is currently working with Denave as Associate Vice President–Global HRD. Her current assignment entails her to integrate the Human Resource Department with the Global Business Strategy, through HRD COE (Centre of Excellence) for Talent Management, HR Transformation, Training, Learning and Development, Organizational Effectiveness and Performance Management.  
She cares for and contributes to social causes for women, children and environment. In her free time, Samriti likes to read and watch movies and plays.