Article (September-2017)


Should startup go for HR advisory?

Vibha Singh

Designation : -   Consultant

Organization : -  TwineHR, Gurgaon


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This certainly is an era of Startups and each entrepreneur envisions of creating a large organization in the due course of time.

They happen to attract a lot of senior as well as fresh talent but what becomes a challenge is "Retention". While the focus of the entrepreneur is on building the best possible customer solution and growth, designing employee friendly processes and environment poses to be a challenge.

Every startup has a combination of people who understand the industry, product and service offerings and are able to run operations successfully. But to sustain business and to retain talent there has to be a good HR Strategy and this is what a HR Advisor brings on the table. There are many Startups that mushroomed and eventually faded away, to name a few - Pepper Tap, Under 1 Tree etc. and many more are struggling. In times of high completion a good People Strategy could have helped such organizations survive and grow.

A few reasons why a HR Advisor becomes essential to a Startup

Most CXOs of such Startups are under 35 years in age, young, dynamic and full of ideas. They however at times lack in experience and knowledge of areas like Hiring, Training, Performance Management, Development and Engagement.

It requires a whole lot of research and understanding of the overall business and its growth plan and growth strategy to be able to devise a sound HR Strategy. The HR Advisor comes with experience in designing the organizations Formulating effective HR Policies.

HR Advisor acts a leader to manage change for people and also takes complete charge of effective communication and transition in a Startup. They also bring in a lot of structure to the HR Function and ensure compliance with all Government and Statutory Laws, Rules and Regulations.

The HR Advisor can help the organization build an employee centric culture with simple organization values to live by, keeping in mind the organizations goals, mission and vision.

An Advisor always aims at bringing the nest out of the function. They do not really get in to micro operations and transactions but manage and averse the same at a macro level to bring in efficiencies from a very early stage of business. These could be process like Recruitment, On boarding, Training, Compensation Benefits, Performance Management and Engagement and much more.

Bringing in a resource to help the HR Advisor set up the HR Function and them managing it independently is becoming an ideal way for Startups to endure sustainability. This in house resource then becomes the custodian of the HR Policies, Processes and overall Culture and Wok Environment.