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Sreenidhi S K, Tay Chinyi Helena, Priyanka & M Neha Kamath

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Organization : -  Notion Press


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This book is an amalgamation of scientific techniques, pure psychological approaches, and experiences of people who have benefited immensely by career mapping.

The idea here is to equip you to learn to SEARCH the right career for you, the one that provides you job satisfaction and future growth.

SEARCH helps you select the right subject or stream and guides you into satisfying and enjoyable careers. SEARCH helps Enable the hidden potential within to its optimum. SEARCH helps Attain your best in terms of performance and productivity. SEARCH helps you reach your career goals a lot more easily while enjoying your work every step of the way. SEARCH helps you mold your career path in the positive progress direction. SEARCH helps you gain happiness in all that you do in your lie at work or off work.

Select, Enable, Attain & Reach Career Happiness is that solution! The mantra here is simple - search for a job/career that lights the path of happiness, satisfaction and success.

Powered by the importance and significance of psychometric tools and techniques, the idea is to help you identify your true potential, the skills that you enjoy using the most and finally, find out the type of career that suits you the best. It guides you to analyze your idea of what career happiness is, to take the right steps and tone down your “SEARCH” journey by helping you to “SEARCH” right and ultimately reach your career happiness!