Article (May-2019)


Round The Clock - How a 24X7 Digital Marketplace Is Transforming Business

Ray Titus

Designation : -   Author

Organization : -  Sage Publications India Pvt. Ltd.


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Round the Clock pulls the covers off an ‘infinite 24x7 digital marketplace’ to reveal its transformational impact on business. Using insights from research studies around the world, it uncovers for its readers how the digital medium is rewriting the rules of business and marketing. The unlimited, borderless, timeless and inclusive access that digital markets provide has altered power equations between buyers and sellers. To be successful in an infinite digital market would require business decision makers to be armed with knowledge of the disruptive forces at play.

Buyers on digital platforms are making consumption decisions in a radically different manner compared to physical marketplaces. They are no longer responding to marketing content propagated by businesses and brands; instead they are topping into credible digital information to make informed buying choices. Brands in the digital age will have to adopt new influence paradigms and use contemporary tools and techniques to persuade digital buyers fortified with absolute market knowledge. To thrive, they must leverage the opportunities that an infinite digital marketplace throws up.

A good read for all those who wish to find success in the world of digital.