Reward Strategy to Boost Employee Engagement

Reward Strategy to Boost Employee Engagement
An ideal employee reward strategy experimenting with various reward methods improves employee well-being and work-life balance. It also creates a high-performing organisation.

A business is successful as long as its workforce actively drives its performance to new heights. Performance management in a company refers to setting goals, monitoring progress, providing feedback, and evaluating employee performance. An effective performance management plan is imperative for a business to thrive because it aligns employee efforts with business goals, sets clear expectations, encourages accountability, and improves employee performance.

However, employee engagement refers to employees’ emotional commitment and involvement toward their work and the organisation. In that regard, a robust employee engagement plan strengthens a company’s performance management process by ensuring employee loyalty to the company’s welfare. Organisations with effective performance management plans focusing on employee engagement create a high-performance culture, continuous improvement, and employee satisfaction. This, in turn, drives organisational success by increasing productivity, attracting and retaining top talent, fostering innovation, and enhancing...

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Dr. Guruvayurappan

is Chief Human Resource Officer at Omega Healthcare.

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