Relationship at work has a thin borderline

Relationship at work has a thin borderline
If talent management & engagement is interweaved with initiatives to sensitize people on values, ethics and code of conduct and policies, we can breathe a sigh of relief!

Do you think that with the rise of diversity and Inclusion at workplace, there is also rise in workplace romance in organisations? If that is so, how do you view this phenomenon?

PC In an interesting study by SHRM in the last year 2022, it is said that 77% of employees didn’t disclose their workplace relationship to their employers. There can be multiple reasons for such non-disclosure: maintaining privacy or personal sphere, protecting image of each other specially when both or a party is married, hesitation due to gender type etc. These reasons and the dynamics associated are overwhelmingly wide-ranging as companies are embracing diversity through DE&I programs and initiatives. Thus, workplace romance is a natural phenomenon, it is not new and isn’t unusual. Increasing Millennials and Gen Z in the workforce serves as a reason for rise in romance@work in organisations, considering personality traits of the younger generations.

It comes with many risks like: compromised engagement resulting to low productivity,...

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Param (Paramananda Chabungbam)

is Sr. Director - HRBP & People Engagement in NTT DATA Business Solutions, India. It is his passion to guard the interest of organization and help people engage & grow in their career.

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