Article (August-2018)


Recharge Yourself

Sudip Sinha

Designation : -   NLP - ICE Peak Performance & Wellness Coach

Organization : -  Kolkata


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We are part of the universal energy and without energy our body cannot run. Energy is nothing but the software like entity which helps our body (Hardware like entity) to operate. Same as our smart phone, Laptop our human body requires charge for rejuvenation to achieve peak performance else life will run in default alarming mode and achievement of extraordinary life with fulfillment may not be reached.
There are 5 main sources of energy, Food - if we are hungry and take food then energy gets regained. Oxygen - If we take few deep breath in open area then our energy level can boost up. Mind - If we empower and enlighten our mind in positive direction, our overall energy level goes up. We feel more confident and can start afresh. Knowledge - We may be really in frustrating condition handing challenges. But as soon as we get clue how to avoid similar issues differently than our frustration gets converted into opportunity and we feel empowered. Resourcefulness - Joyfulness helps us to get more energy and ignite us to operate on higher self to achieve greatness and excellence in Life.
Like mobile phone, we need to charge ourselves regularly. These recharges can be of two types, first - following best practice to gets energy regained by focusing on sources of energy. Second - Stop the events which directly or indirectly suck your energy level.
Under the first categories following can be considered as best practice -
1. Get up early in the morning, Minimum 10 minutes of physical exercise, yoga is essential every day to keep you physically fit and activated.
2. Minimum 5 minutes of breathing exercise.
3. Have healthy food, little food in regular intervals.
4. Have a positive mind set with winning attitude which will help to operate in extra ordinary mode. Positive thinking, positive action, positive behavior will bring positive change and creativity will go up.
5. Acquire knowledge, share knowledge so that your knowledge and experience can heal others problem and their blessing/wish will passively motivate you.
6. Always be resourceful and happy, you should not be like a ball made up of Iron - which changes due to temperature variance, you should be like diamond - remain calm even in varying temperature. You should have focused aspiration to control the situations rather driven by the situations. If you actively handle the situation as a leader, then you will start achieving positive outcome which will internally inspire you to get motivated.
Constantly you need to avoid energy suckers. Like negative emotions, you may have sudden thoughts of extreme bad situations - may not be related to real conditions. Control your mind and ignite your mind with positive metaphors so that your deep down negative beliefs can be changed gradually, your low self-esteem can be boosted and you feel worthy. You need to expand your capability to face the challenges in efficient way so that your experience will get enriched.
Team work plays a pivotal role to overcome difficult time to expending the energy level. You will be confident if your team perform to achieve common objective and they are focused and fit for the purpose. Energy level get replicated many times when you are united to address challenging issues.
Positive vibes, connection to God through spiritual practice, connection to your customers regularly will boost you up internally to get your performance enhanced which will help living life differently with quality to fulfil and contribution and grow rather than just survive in the journey of your life.