Article (August-2017)


Re-skilling is lifeline of activity

Akshara Seth

Designation : -   Chief Operating Officer

Organization : -  HR Power House, Noida


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Re-skill or perish is the Mantra NASSCOM has adopted of late, How true is it for other sectors besides IT is what we would look at today.

Skill understood simply is the expertise to deliver a task specific. So a plumber too is skilled and so is an IT Guy and equally is the Administrator of a District. What re-skill is also no big brainier - simply translating to adapt your present skills to changing environment then it can be Digital / Physical/ Yielding a tool or a new programming language.etc. One of the best recent examples could be GST software development and usage. Skill to use such accounting software is present in the business and IT techies but GST is a change in environment demanding adaptation which in turn necessitates re skilling. So there - for all of us out there it's no big deal to conclude and figure out that re skilling is a survival tool.

I would say that entire re-skilling cycle undergoes the following pattern: 

Begins with change in immediate environment (Could be an up-gradation of tools and technology; rules of govt. changing; management adopting new process; some more efficient tool gadgetry or software; growth surge; competition hotting up; better quality; or as simple as by a desire or whim of an influential person etc).

Goes through a change management phase which includes reorientation and re-skilling. More sensible ones divide it into two phases further still - Dry Run and Wet Run before going live on the new found tech toys or tools or theories.

Finally lands up at the stage of go live where close monitoring and efficient dash boards are required to anticipate any glitches.

We are concerned here about the second stage - Re Skilling. It would entail distinct two phases : Unlearning and relearning. Unlearn influences of the past to absorb the new ones with a clean an open mind.

It is quite clear by the above discussion that the adage now re-emphasised by NASSCOM holds true: Re Skill or Perish!!! Well I would personally not be so harsh and perish - it's a really strong word but I would make do with the word suffer. Hence QED that Skilling and Re Skilling are lifelines of activity.