Article (September-2016)


Raosaheb Darekar & birth of HR Federation of India

Prof. Dr. Mrinali Tikare

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Whether Leaders are born or made - the debate continues.

While most finish their education, land a good job with fat-pay and subsequently settle down by assuming that they are very successful in their life, yet some have different thoughts. They harbor a burning desire to put into practice what they have learnt. That was the main thought which gave birth to this baby…. The "HR Federation of India" (HRFI). A Non-Profit making Organization recently established with the sole objective of bringing together all HR/IR/ER professionals under a single umbrella. The founder of this organization harbored this desire and singularly brought upon himself and founded this group, as a result of which presently boasts more than 1000 HR/IR/ER different professionals who now are the proud members and pillars of strength of this organization. Yes, it is befitting now to proudly present the name of the founder & Managing Director and Visionary Leader … Mr. Raosaheb Darekar. 

Since, two years Mr. Darekar was working to establish the HRFI and finally he initiated with the first formal program in Mumbai in the month of March 2016. By very casual invitation, I attended the program. After inauguration Mr. Darekar gave a comprehensive roadmap of the development of HRFI. I was so surprised that first time in India somebody is thinking about continuous development (learning) of HR/IR professionals, insurance coverage to HR professionals,  to voice out any injustice meted to the HR/IR professionals from concerned top management of the company. He had a very holistic view to unite all the HR/IR professionals and make the constructive use of this platform.

When I met him personally, and after understanding  his background, I found he is a very humble, and down to earth person who was sincere to the core about continuous learning and development of HR/IR practitioners. It won't be less if I say he had and continues to have tremendous positive vibes to serve for the mankind through this group of HR professionals. 
Who would have dreamt that a small boy born in a remote village called Chandgaon, Shrigonda taluka, Ahmednagar district, an interior rural land of Maharashtra to poor, humble farmer parents would have gone on to become a great visionary leader par excellence. This bright boy always kept himself a top ranker and achieved High School Scholarship by Government of Maharashtra. 

The struggle of education started from higher secondary schooling where he had to walk a distance of 12 kilometers  from his home to reach his school and then walk the same distance back to his home every day a mind boggling 24 kilometers every day continuously for two consecutive years and that too without any sport shoes. This wonder boy did no less a feat than a wonder boy from Odisha who ran from Puri to Bhuavaneshwar namely "Budhia Singh". His father was not in  position to gift him a bicycle. In college days, he started working in vacation and used to earn Rs.200 per month to pay his own fees.