Article (August-2018)


Professionalism should score above relationship

Gargi Puri

Designation : -   Manager (HR)

Organization : -  Tynor Orthotics Pvt. Ltd., Mohali


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The concept of startups is nothing new in India. Every startup is like a new baby who comes with his/her different personality and presents the parents with a whole new lot of situations to deal with, no matter how experienced they are.
Each has its own teething troubles. While some work on a pioneering idea others just present old wine in new bottles. EliteHR, belongs to the second category. Some of the problems faced by startups are funding, hiring the right talent, management, understanding the market, finding new customers and building a brand name etc.
EliteHR is grippling with internal problems while they should be a rock solid team inside and focus on outside issues.
Firstly, the communication gap between the marketing & operations teams needs to be resolved. They need to function with inputs from each other rather than as separate entities. For this, the operations team needs to shape up and make realistic commitments to customers and fulfil them within decided timelines. This would put off the pressure from marketing deptt. and improve customer satisfaction.
The Marketing team needs to find new customers and Operations team to work upon retaining the old ones. They can be offered incentives on this aspect.
Understanding the market is very crucial. They need to find some USP and accordingly develop a market strategy.
The Management needs a ground check as well. Even though the members are friends and relatives but professionalism is a key aspect which can't be left unchecked. Abhijeet needs to discuss the feedback received with Narain and Ankush and tell them to buckle up. Instead of reprimanding Narain in front of all, Abhijeet needs to have a one to one talk. They need to set examples for the team to imitate rather than appearing as a fractured unit.
The whole team needs a morale boost and for this planning and a performance management system needs to be put into place.
Abhijeet needs to develop a Business Plan for the next year with the entire team in consultation. Herein, the targets of each team would be set against measurable targets and offering individual and company incentives on achieving the same.
A code of conduct for all employees needs to be developed and not adhering to it, should invite adequate penalization.
All employees are to be put under Performance Management System. The system would involve setting KRA (Key Result Areas) at the beginning of the year i.e. Performance Planning, followed by a Mid Year Review, Annual Appraisal and finally Feedback. This would keep all the concerned in a loop and there would be no surprises for anyone at the year end. Taking these steps can put EliteHR back on track.