Second Revised Edition : Workplace Labour Solutions


About Author : Anil Kaushik

Anil Kaushik, a renowned Management Expert in HR and Employee relations is the Founder and Chief Editor of the widely read HR Magazine-BUSINESS MANAGER. His forty years of deep rooted practical experience and research in people management practices and Industrial relations and employment regulations has helped many Indian and MNCs organizations grow in business and profits and maintain harmonious employee relations.

Anil Kaushik

His views, articles and editorials on various dimensions of people management have been referred in management books published by Oxford. His authored case studies on industrial relations have been used for study by MBA Students in many Management Institutes.



About The Book

The Book is designed with the objectives to meet the needs of all lawyers/professionals/managers who work in courts, industries and commercial establishments and face employees issues daily but are unable to solve them because of non clarity of employment regulations and practices.

The book contains 92 various interconnected subjects of problems with their possible solutions having support of relevant court decisions thereby presenting authenticity along with a special chapter on New Labour Codes.

A few of subjects covered are Abandonment, Charge-sheet, Misconduct, Enquiry, Sexual Harassment, Wages, ESI, PF, Bonus, Gratuity, Employee Disputes, Shops and Commercial Establishments, Factories Matters, Settlement, Transfer, Suspension, Demonstration, Strike, Lockout, Lay Off, Retrenchment, Reinstatement, Trade Unions, Trainee, Fix Term Employment, Contract Labour, Termination, Wages, VRS and many more.


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June 2023

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