Second Revised Edition : Workplace Labour Solutions


About Author : Anil Kaushik

Anil Kaushik, a renowned Management Expert in HR and Employee relations is the Founder and Chief Editor of the widely read HR Magazine-BUSINESS MANAGER. His forty years of deep rooted practical experience and research in people management practices and Industrial relations and employment regulations has helped many Indian and MNCs organizations grow in business and profits and maintain harmonious employee relations.

Anil Kaushik

His views, articles and editorials on various dimensions of people management have been referred in management books published by Oxford. His authored case studies on industrial relations have been used for study by MBA Students in many Management Institutes.



In the era of Covid pandemic lock down when the workplace business priorities were pushed to compulsive shift, and industrial relations and employment regulations issues were not perceived of much importance, the release of this kind of book first edition was not less than an exercise of no purpose. But when the book WORKPLACE LABOUR SOLUTIONS saw the light of the day in Jan.21, I never had a feel that it will become such a hard hitting book that its first edition will be finished in just four months.

The book contents have been able to establish a direct connects with the HR /labour/legal fraternity and they could relate with the problems and possible solutions discussed in the book as if the book was meant for them.

It establishes one point-the power lies in words. Its genuine application at ground with not rhetoric and jugglery make it more powerful. Perhaps this book did that. Thank you readers for making this book a best seller.

It was thought to go with simple reprint to make the reach more wide than before but again the honest commitment to my readers and provide them with latest; I decided to revise the special chapter on new labour codes based on the feedback from readers. Some more practical situations with possible solutions have been added in different subjects. A new chapter is also written on labour codes based on questions received from different readers with their solutions. All the codes have now been summarised along with central draft Rules in bullet points in easy to understand language.

I am thankful to Law Publishing House and its dedicated team for doing their best to come out with such an excellent second edition. Their all through humility and generosity with untiring efforts makes them distinguished. This is the secret of Kharbandas in making this publishing house so reputed, credible and authentic.


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