Article (February-2021)


Playing field has significantly changed

Preeti Bose

Designation : -   HR Senior Leader & Author

Organization : -  Nashik


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How do you see the HR landscape in 2021?

PS Shift in mind set is one of the most business-impacting changes I see in the HR landscape of 2021 and that is starting from the leadership teams to percolating across the organizations. This mind set shift is the precursor and also the foundation of how business and performance will continue to evolve in the coming months. All this while we come to grips that we're never going back to a pre-covid world, simply because that world doesn't exist anymore. It's no longer about how to 'get by,' but resilience and fortitude to prepare for a 'during-and post-covid' world that is our reality now.

Enabled, progressive leaders and managers who can effectively lead geographically-spread, diverse, remote, and differently-abled teams will be key in building organizations that are nimble, change-agile, and have complementary skills, whether internally or externally. There is a sharper spotlight on leaders and managers and they need to role-model behaviours that they expect of their teams.

Enhanced focus on digital workspaces, platforms, and tools for collaboration that enable people from their homes, remote offices, or shared workspaces come together to deliver on the organization agenda. Transformation in internal technology platforms, letting go of archaic tools existing in silos that don't even talk to each other internally let alone preparing for tomorrow and overhauling both the platform and technology leaders, where needed, have been written on the wall of change already.

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