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Paving own road of success by getting stronger with each push

Nikhat M Hamza

Designation : -   Director HR

Organization : -  BS Abdur Rehman Crescent University, Chennai s and Research Scholar ( Human Nature, Organizational Politics)


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Assisting the organization in multiple functions under one roof is Human Resource (hiring, training, performance appraisal, dealing with external parties and the most painful part - exits).
Getting work done from all the employees, managing all the cadre of people, understanding their human nature and making them work and survive satisfactorily amidst organizational politics; it's a lifecycle from recruitment to exit. Managing all these activities and understanding people in this male dominating society along with the family is never an easy for any 'she'. But my hard-work and determination towards success and the never-ending struggles of my life kept supporting and motivating me in achieving my targets. I always believe in managing people through innovative ideas, patience, understanding and the affection with care for my employees along with my passion towards my work and career. All these things made me a potential decision maker and a good leader as well. People say so.

“We can be a good decision maker only when we are a good risk taker.”

Being born in Baroda and having roots in Maharashtra, I was fortunate enough to taste the flavors of many states. The multi-cultural upbringing gave me a wide perspective of understanding people and dealing with them. Since my father was an army officer, I got the opportunity to study in world-class schools like Delhi Public School (DPS), Ambala Public School and ED Douglas School of Assam. Further, I did graduation in commerce from MJ College, Jalgaon and MBA from North Maharashtra University.

My journey towards success is not a fairy tale. My life has always been very hard with innumerable sour memories and over-loaded hatred. At quite an early age, owing to my father's sudden demise, I was compelled to begin my career. Since then, I became the sole bread-earner of my family.

For some extra income, I learnt computer programming and joined as a programmer in a Multi-National Company. My logical skills led me reach new heights in my career and gradually I became Sr. Analyst in that company. During my tenure in that company, I went through many crests and valleys. However, the harsh comments and ugly advices of my adorable enemies kept me motivating. At one point, I left the hopes of continuing my studies but somewhere in my mind, I had a clue that this world won't let me survive without education. That was when I decided to continue my studies.

During my school days, I always dreamt of becoming a mechanical engineer, but destiny had something else in store for me. Due to family conditions, I couldn't continue with science stream and opted to go for commerce. The relatives who actually came to console us during my father's demise, used to tell my mother that, "Now your daughters will become clerk, they do not have any other option for earning!" These words pricked my heart and I decided to prove them wrong some day.

This was however not the end of my sufferings. My self-motivation and will power made me clear CET exam, but another barrier was waiting to block my roads to success. On the day of my result, my mom passed away! Due to this I couldn't  take admission in MBA. The relatives who joined us for the funeral, suggested my uncle to get me married because our society had a mindset of considering orphans as 'not eligible' for getting married with! These words shook me and I cried my heart out of fear because my father always wanted his daughters to educate well and be good at some high position. He never wanted us to be dependent on anyone and live an inspiring life. I still remember my mom saying, "Khudi ko kar buland itna ki har raza ke pahle khuda khud bande se puche, bata teri raza kya hai."

Recalling my parent's dreams, I made a firm decision to appear for the next CET exam. Situations at that time didn't allow me to prepare for the exam and I feared of not clearing it! Consequently, on the day of results, I went and checked the list of students who couldn't clear it. At that moment, a teacher came and congratulated me for clearing the exam! The happiness I felt then couldn't be described in words. I really wish to thank my teachers for the best they have given me.

With a smiling face and dreamy eyes, I was returning home when I met my cousin on the way. I stopped for a moment to share my happiness with him. To my surprise, he replied, "Dear sister, it's easy to clear an exam and take admission. That's not an acheivement. Just in case if you complete MBA, let me know. It's not as easy as you think!" He thought these words will make me withdraw my admission. But these words made me more stronger and firm than they thought and every day I revised these words and worked harder to complete MBA with the best scores.

I stopped sharing my feelings and thoughts with any relatives of mine. My friends and teachers were my family then. With no support from family and no money to pay fees, I had the worst time studying MBA. I somehow managed to earn enough to eat and study but purchasing expensive books was out of my budget. No doubt we had a great library in college but owing to it's policies, I couldn't issue more than two books! Thinking of an alternative of purchasing the rest of the books, I requested an aunt of mine, who was a professor in a nearby college, to issue a few books from her college library. Astonishingly, she refused to do so saying, Stop spending money in food and utilize it for purchasing books. Don't look for help from others!" No wonder she taught me a great lesson and I started cost cutting from my daily requirements and became fully independent, with no moral or financial support from anyone.

Life takes many unexpected turns but such diversions teach a lot! We find our life painful if we keep on counting what we have lost rather than learning what those losses teach us! I have survived many painful days but I find myself lucky enough for not relying on anyone and reaching these heights solely with my efforts, grace of god and my guru's blessings. I critized God for snatching my parents from me at an early age but on the other hand, I never stop thanking him for imbibing courage in me to survive and progress. I never felt that my parents don't exist! They are always with me in my strength, my success, my lessons and my self-respect! The ultimate credit of my current postion goes to them and of course to my gurus for showering love and knowledge on me.

"Always thank people those who have supported you during bad times, but never forget to thank those who demotivated you because they are the indirect force for your success in life."

Somehow, I became MBA and felt like an end of struggles. Later in the year 2002, marriage knocked my doors and I hoped for a peaceful life ahead with someone who would support me. But my expectations didn't turn into a reality. Characters changed but the pain was same! I was not aware of the tradition that society doesn't welcome an independent daughter-in-law! The warmth and love that I urged were still a dream. I had to compromise a lot to fit in a new family and as a consequence, I had to change my profession. Programmer then became HR. My understanding of human minds and behavior was becoming intense every passing day as I began to understand the insecurities of people. I digested the fact that open mindedness of a woman pinches the society. But this thing helped me progress in my career. I started understanding people from their behavior and my recruitment process became excellent. I could then easily detect the lies in words of employees and the pain behind their need of job. No doubt my experiences shattered me from within, but these scattered pieces of my soul helped me become a successful recruiter.

Soon I decide to contribute more in this field by pursuing doctorate in "Human Nature and Politics" since this was the topic that I have tolerated, survived and understood with numerous practical experiences. My major contribution is in pulling out the organization from the web of organizational politics and making people work effectively and help the company culminate.

"A company with no politics at grass-root level is surely an ideal place to work."

About the Author

A tailored personality who has perfectly blended her 26 years’ experience in various types of Industries with research experience in Human Nature and Organizational Politics with a significant record in hiring all the levels of employees from all the states in Industries as well in the Academic field. 
Heading departments since 20 years have given a good understanding of employees’ mindset and the politics at various levels; this understanding helps me in playing as a strong link between the Management and the employees. Being workaholic and dedicated towards the responsibilities have made me an able personality to understand the people and their thought with the reasons for their behavior.