Article (August-2018)


No space for personal relationship

Makarand Mane

Designation : -   GM HR - Formulations Manufacturing Cluster

Organization : -  Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Mumbai


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Abhijit has missed following certain basic processes while forming/operationa-lising a start up organisation. Let us first understand the issues he is facing and what he could have done or can also do right now to correct and help shifting gears.
Issues & solutions :
1) Recruitment right people as per right organisational design - Abhijit should sit down and think of a short  and long term organisation structure which will help the to reach the aimed objective. He should recruit two three solid functional experts who can deliver professionally. So he should take help of HR expert to guide in the above process.
2) Leadership Style and involvement - Abhijit should introspect his own capability to handle his team including Narain and clear all cobwebs related to silo working and miscommunications. Leaders job is to derive a common objective to ensure success. There is a feeling that Abhijit himself is not focussed enough to get the right outcome and behaviours to achieve success, otherwise he would have not been shocked to receive can did feedback. So Abhijit should engage himself and his team more through reviews and off sites if possible and make sure associates look upon him to support through his knowledge and leadership competence to achieve goals.
3) Vision, Strategy and Values - These are just not jargons but very important ingredients for any start up. In absence of all these any company is like a ship sailing in fierce storm. All these 3 aspects give a focus, direction and way to doing things right...together. Then follow a robust performance management system to evaluate and reward outcomes.
4) Personal prejudices and relations - Abhijit should keep personal relations and emotions out and motivate people to build professional relations first so that everyone are focussed and deliver for one common cause and there is no conflict of personal interest.
5) Build solid brand through non compromising customer satisfaction - The investor has done a ref check in market before deciding on the investment in Abhijit's enterprise. So creating a brand image through relentless delivery of quality product and continuous customer feedback for improvisation should be the priority.
6) Continuing improvement - Innovation in the product will give an edge for on boarding new customers and also provide value additions to existing customer for retention purpose.
7) Team building and collaboration - Work more closely with each and every employee, Dept. Head, Narain and everybody to ensure that they are landholder at every stage...wherever required. So that they don't lose the momentum and keep misunderstandings at bay and everyone works with high energy for achieving one goal. Abhijit can very do this as the team is small and he needs to build his own credibility as well as make team a well one to deliver.
According to me, Abhijit should hold these seven pillars, start working on them with the team and drive back the organisation on the path of success.
(Views expressed are personal and not that of the organization)