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Nisha should be given independent portfolio

Mihir Gosalia

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1- Amrita comes across as a double faced personality as rightly pointed out in the case study. She was also insecure that some new hire was being brought in her function without her being consulted. Hence she was unsure as to how that new hire would pan out, would she be a threat to her position or would she create trouble in the training function. Besides Amrita by virtue of being long enough in the organisation knew all the senior management of the organisation well, had developed good rapport with them. So obviously when somebody new comes in and suddenly starts getting attention from promoters, business heads & section heads, which in this case was seen by an article published by Nisha in a reputed newspaper, hence it is bound to ruffle the feathers of Amrita being her senior for the fact that she couldn't accomplish something that a junior did who is less than a year old in the organisation.

Also Amrita typically did what any insecure manager would do to their juniors i.e. train them and ask them to do only what you want them to do, what is your goal or objective for them, not what is their goal. This is basically treat your juniors as juniors only. Don't give a free hand, just do work as instructed to you, no questions asked. This is the difference between a manager and a leader. Leaders develop people so that they can rise and shine and be even better than they are. But it was not the case with Amrita & Nisha. Also the fact that Nisha was appointed by Business Head Ravindra Mohan without even informing Amrita and inspite of the fact that Amrita didn't want anyone in her team went against Nisha. Amrita had grudges against Nisha as she didn't want her in first place. This also shows that Amrita is not a team player and is more of a boss-junior working style person. She did not think holistically from an organisation's point of view about the need to grow training business and get new clients, etc. And that can happen only when you have more resources, more manpower in place.

2- It was not proper of Nisha to open computer of Amrita and make search in her absence from data security perspective and all the more reason because the company is into legal practice and consulting. What if Nisha had stumbled upon some legal confidential information or documents pertaining to some client whose access should have only been with Amrita. Even though the intention of Nisha was good, it was for work & official purposes only, an approval via a phone call or via text / whatsapp message would have helped to demonstrate that 
protocol is being followed. This act of Nisha demonstrated her organizational immaturity but she can only learn from her mistakes and move forward. It was good on part of Nisha that she did not remove folders from computer of Amrita that she had accessed in her absence. Else it would have created more workplace issues between both of them. It might also be worth pondering as to what is the IT policy of Mohsin&Mohta Co. in this case when such incidences happen.

3-It's uncomfortable when the person who should be providing you with a platform for success is actually trying to prevent you from progressing. Yes, Nisha has every right to air out her grievances to Ravindra Mohan, being the business head and skip level boss. She should bring out all the facts and present them to Ravindra who will then take a final call. In an ideal world your boss would support you and your career goals, open up opportunities, and pave the way for you to be successful at your company. But the world isn't ideal and even managers who once seemed quite supportive can make a sudden shift. This is what Nisha has realized of Amrita all of a sudden. Nisha shouldn't let her talents or aspirations or what is it that she wants to do and grow with the company be hindered just because of Amrita's high handedness in treating her sub-ordinates or insecurity as a person. It can be extremely difficult to deal with a boss who is shutting you out. They may exclude you from crucial meetings or deflect your questions, disparage your input, and ignore your needs for resources or other support. Bosses may behave this way if they feel threatened by your expertise, or if they're concerned that you're undermining their standing with the rest of the organization.After all, it was business as usual for Amrita otherwise. She was leading the show all the time and her junior team members weren't getting any credit for it. How long would this continue? Amrita cannot stall the growth of the company or career aspirations of an employee just because she doesn't want to or that it was not her idea or to her credit. Amrita cannot be a blocker for Nisha all the time and giving no room to her for moving ahead. Amrita has to recognize that there are people far better than her too. She should rather look at learning from them too and growing together with them as a team as compared to the other way around.That would be in the best interests of everyone and ultimately benefit the organisation too.

4- Ravindra Mohan, the Business Head by now would have probably realized that Amrita is playing the role of a blocker who is stubborn, doesn't want to acknowledge the work done by them and thereby promote her juniors. He would have also known by now that Nisha has little or no control over it. First thing, Ravindra can do is contemplate whether they both wish to stay put, work together after sorting out the differences between them. Alternatively, Ravindra could look at giving work independently to Nisha, give her an opportunity to showcase her talents and skills, do something that is of value to the company, thereby giving Nisha an opportunity to showcase what she can do not only with her current skill set but also what she is capable of accomplishing in the future.

Ravindra shouldn't let poor management by Amrita affect performance of Nisha in her best interests as well as that of the organisation. Ravindra could be creative and look for opportunities for Nisha to build new alliances with other colleagues to accomplish more than she could on her own without her boss's support. Find someone else for Nisha to partner with on special projects that would ultimately raise her profile and credibility through the quality of the shared work. After all this is where the issue arose in the first place. If still things don't improve or work out in current organisation, Nisha should also simultaneously start looking for other places and opportunities where her growth isn't hitting a plateau.

Mihir Gosalia, Pune