Make HR policies that promote work life balance: Venkaiah Naidu

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu on monday,27th Dec. underlined the necessity of maintaining a work-life balance and giving equal weight to professional and family commitments.

“Equal priority must be given to one’s professional duties and family responsibilities,” he remarked after launching the book ‘Dr V L Dutt: Glimpses of a Pioneer’s Life Journey’ penned by V L Indira Dutt in Chennai. He asked all business executives to structure their HR rules so that their employees may simply manage their work-life balance.

“This would not only improve employee performance, but it would also assist in tackling mental health concerns that are on the rise in our culture,” he added. He underlined the importance of people spending time in nature and participating in outdoor activities as a way to de-stress.

Naidu praised the late industrialist VL Dutt for striking the right balance between his personal life and his professional life, saying that this should serve as a lesson to other businesspeople and entrepreneurs. Dutt, he added, was a well-known industrialist, philanthropist, and visionary who influenced a generation of young entrepreneurs. Dutt, as president of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), was essential in bridging the gap between government and industry during the key years of 1991-92.

The Vice President described Dutt as a people’s person who used to like being around people and giving them attention, noting that this quality is sorely lacking in today’s very competitive business environment. “For Dutt, his employees always came first and he deeply cared for them,” he added.

Naidu praised VL Indira Dutt for sharing her loving husband’s memories and experiences in the book, saying that it brings out the human side of a stalwart businessman and that the reader gets to know him as a family man, husband, father, and friend.”

The Vice President highlighted that, while pursuing the life of a high-flying corporate executive, Dutt never forgot the principles of respect for elders, humility, service, and compassion, citing various instances from the book.

He described these as the “core” of our civilizational ideals “People like Shri Dutt must serve as an inspiration to the current generation. The disintegration of the joint family system, according to Indira Dutt’s book, has resulted in a dilution of mutual care and concern, the spirit of adjustment, and collaborative ethos.” He went on to say that the Indian joint family system is admired around the world for its core virtues, and he urged young people to preserve and spread this age-old practice for their own welfare.

The occasion was attended by Governor of Tamil Nadu, RN Ravi, Minister of Tamil Nadu for Environment, Climate, Youth Welfare and Sports Development, Siva V Meyyanathan, Chairperson and Managing Director of KCP Limited, Dr VL Indira Dutt, Joint Managing Director, V Kavitha Dutt, and other dignitaries.

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