Denave Wins North India Best Employer Brand Award

Denave, a global technology-powered sales enablement enterprise has been recognised as the North India Best Employer Brand Award for 2021 by World HRD Congress. Denave earned this award for its consistent effort to develop an inclusive workplace and promote an empowering & motivating work environment for employees across geographies. This achievement is a direct outcome of Denave’s commitment and efforts to confront the crisis, improve employee engagement and ensuring seamless transition to remote working by making the best use of digital technology and governance.

This year, the award recognizes organisations who have adopted best-in-class HR and employee wellness practices that serve as global industry standard. Denave has been hailed as best employer brand award for its continuous investment in talent development and initiatives towards creating a conducive work environment. The award was conferred to Denave at The Taj Mahal Hotel, Delhi.

Speaking on the occasion, Samriti Malhotra, Vice President, Human Resources, said, “We are tremendously honoured by this award, and it reaffirms Denave’s deep commitment for its people and the best-in-class workplace policies and practices. At Denave, we always keep our people at the center of everything that we do. And being a global sales catalyst, we make the best use of technology and state-of-the art tools, and intelligent automation to manage our virtual workplace.”

Adding further she said, “Denave is today the preferred sales enablement partner to leading organisations across the globe because of the incredible energy of our diverse and large workforce. Our progressive policies have resulted in creating a vibrant and empowering workplace that applies contextual knowledge and skills to address the most pressing sales enablement needs and delivering value to our clients.”

Throughout the pandemic, Denave chartered several policies to support its workforce and rapidly pivoted to work-from-home model for ensuring business continuity. Going forward, Denave will continue to invest in talent and work towards creating even better employee initiatives and practices.

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