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Johnson & Johnson India Enhances Flexible Working Provisions, Sabbatical Arrangements and launches

The company is continuously building on its 125-year legacy of care. To ensure employees forge a positive path and better serve the healthcare needs of its key stakeholders, Johnson & Johnson India is proactively enhancing its Human Resources policies to address the needs of their dynamic multi generation workforce especially the “new gen”.  In line with Our Credo, these policy changes reinstate the importance of employees being able to champion work-life integration and achieve their maximum potential – at work and at home.

Flexible working provisions:  Keeping the employees’ interests at the center, Johnson & Johnson employees are now being encouraged to take up the option to work remotely once a week and/or choose flexible hours to meet their daily work and personal responsibilities.

Nurturing Family Bonds Program: An integrated end-to-end employee program, designed to support our expectant mothers, from early pregnancy stages until way after the baby is born. The program also addresses anxious fathers, as they step up to play an active role in nurturing the baby.

Sabbatical arrangements:  To support employees in taking time off from work for personal reason like perusing higher studies related to current/ potential future roles, community service or health and wellness challenges.

Johnson & Johnson India is committed to supporting its employees and their families. These changes have long term value and provide empathy, compassion, understanding and flexibility to our employees. The company announced its enhanced eight-week’ paternity leave policy for new and adoptive fathers on Aug 2017. This is in addition to the company’s existing 26-weeks maternity leave policy for new mothers launched in 2011.