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New Dimensions in IR

New Dimensions in IR
Causes of disturbed IR situation :
✔Last two decades have not produced sufficient skilled IR professionals by the B schools ,Industries ..This skill of handling people lost its shine because organizations thought of it as redundant.
✔Since organizations were grappling with business challenges did not allow even HR person to do his job ,to add human touch in all business decisions honestly and labeled HR
"Fall Guy".
✔HR has been pushed in an era where employee relations were taught to be maintained electronically and technology and not by heart .
✔Organizations forget how to maintain harmonious ER with sensitivity.
✔Organizations started treating working class who is engine of industrial growth ,just resource and not human resource .
✔Trade unions/workers also forgot to coexist and understand that without employees ,there would be no employees .
✔Organizations are focussing on "Reactive IR"rather "Proactive IR".
*Proactive IR Mantra*
✔HR professionals and management have to go back to their roots and basic principles of Personnel management to maintain workplace harmony.
✔ Management has to accept the challenges of mentoring and coaching their internal unions and workers.
✔Organisations should not ignore the dissatisfaction amongst the employees and strengthen the Grievance Redressal Mechanism.
✔It is time to invest extensively in shop floor executives /supervisors to learn people management skill.
✔ Mindset need to be changed that workers are only a cost factor and nothing else in general and contractual labour in particular.
✔Be fair and firm to pay way increase link with performance and their contribution and not to agree very high wage rise under the fear of pressure.
✔Need to design and develop proactive IR model to strengthen the personal fibre(touch)between HR and its employees.
✔Person dealing with ER/IR must use his /her 6th sense I.e.common sense while dealing with union.
✔Should have high level of competence ,credibility , character and confidence where people Respect U,Listen U and Understand U.
✔One should know where to stop and how to break a deadlock.
✔Be fair and just -learn how and where to say NO or YES.
✔Should have strong net working -know your human capital.
✔Build productive relationship
✔Recognise and respect unions,union leadership .
✔Use heart while dealing with people and head while dealing with problem.
✔Workers are like electricity ....
So ,all IRians ,please take care have a great success in IR profile ....