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Need to understand the behaviour pattern

Bhaskar Dhariwal

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It is a proven saying that "You reap what you sow". Same is applicable with Human Behaviour, and we all HR Professional must understand the same : Everybody is having his/her Bank Account in others Personality and by our action and behaviour on daily basis with the other person, we all directly or indirectly  deposit the positivity or negativity in other person.

In a simpler words, if we have deposited Rs. 10,000 in our Bank Account, we will only be able to withdraw Rs. 10,000, in a similar way when we deposit negativity in some other person's personality by our behaviour or actions, when in need, we will only be able to withdraw negativity (What we have deposited). Gone are the days, when a struggle between Haves & Have Not use to exist, this reminds me a famous Novel "STRIFE" by Thomas Galsworthy but now the scenario is totally changed. Now every growing organisation wants to follow the reformative approach of Industrial Relations, where both Workers and Management WINS TOGETHER, works for one objective i.e. Productivity, live in a culture of respecting each other's values.

With this it is also a fact that there is no single yard stick, invented by any of the HR/ER expert, which can be used for all kind of Industrial relation related issues. Industrial relation majorly depends on culture of the area, where the organisation is in operation, so proactive approach in all the aspects is very much required. Humility, Honesty, Respect for individual's Culture/Value system can play a major role in improving the industrial relations and same was show cased by Hashmat.

As there is no single yard stick to deal with all kind of industrial relations issues, in a similar way there is no proven leadership style which fits to every situation. Former HR director was very much comfortable with the approach of Hashmat and the new one is not. Leadership Style and expectation of Leaders changes from person to person and situation to situation. But all kind of Leadership Styles must be aligned to one Business Objective, creating a Win-Win approach for workers and management, making an environment of Trust and cohesiveness for all. In Industrial Relations, in any case, a person cannot be bigger than an organisation. If an organisation wants to have a long term Industrial Peace, Trust of Management & Workers must be there in a system not in an Individual, if individual earns the same it's a different matter. As an Industrial Relation Professional, we must also try to create a trust of employees in system based working, Trust in Organisational Policies and Procedures, Trust in Fair and Firm approach of management, rather creating a trust in person specific, so creating a situation, wherein someone mentioning or commenting about the HR person as a leader of workers, is some what not a comfortable situation for an organisation as well as the HR Person. It doesn't mean that HR Professional should not have a good relation with Workers, but having a trust in only one person of an organisation may lead to some bigger issues for organisation in a longer terms.

Obtaining the Confession letter from both the workers was a personal influence of Mr. Hashmat, at the same time it was the Trust of workers in him, but think about the situation if there was no conflict between Prem & Rajendra. So even if this is a matter of Trust, both the workers have misused the company provided facility and disciplinary action can be initiated as per the gravity of misconduct. Hashmat may further deep dive in whole incident and check the routes of this whole episode.

While analyzing the approach of New HR Director, it can be said that, rather than forcing Hashmat to use the confession letter and dismiss both the employee on integrity grounds, he may use the Healthy relations of Hashmat in further aligning or strengthening the HR/IR practices at organisation.

Resistance from Hashmat in taking disciplinary action against the wrong done by both the workers is just because of his good relations and fear of losing trust among the workers but still HR & ER professional must be fair and firm in their approach while dealing with any misconduct, so that others should not take it for granted.

On the other hand, when both the workers have given their confession, without any complaint or any enquiry by management, they must be treated differently so that the routes of all these type of wrong activities can be explored, and trust of workers in management remains intact.

If we conclude the whole scenario, having good rapport/relations with all employees, irrespective of their grade/designation/background plays an important role in maintaining harmonious industrial relation in an organisation. Workers and Management if both works hand in hand, productivity and culture of an organisation can drastically be improved.

Bhaskar Dharival - Sr. Manager - HRD, Hero MotoCorp Ltd.