Article (May-2020)


Nebulous but crucial

Anil Kaushik

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There should not be second thought about that in today's business world human resource function can survive without being innovative consistently. By not innovating means you are stagnating. When HR function stagnates, it impacts the whole organisation. So it becomes necessary to generate and implement novel ideas to keep long term survival of the organisation. By applying innovative practices, you exploit the opportunity to contribute to organisation and drive its competitiveness. Innovate to continue to thrive is new normal.

How organisations are benefited by the innovative practices? This is a question to be answered by HR itself because it is evidence based. There are many researches and studies that have indicated that an environment that supports creativity and encourages the employees to question and openly suggest ideas raise employee engagement at higher level. Discouraging the new ideas and putting hurdles in implementing innovative practices result into a work culture that does not breathe and becomes dead.

HR professionals can certainly play an important role in creating an innovative organisation. They have to garner support from top management and make them believe about the long term benefits of business. Innovation in HR function starts from encouraging employees to provide feedback as to what practices and polices affect them and how that can be improved. No innovation can be achieved without facing challenges at every step so the HR function also has to be ready to address challenges and remove the blocks.

Covid-19 has actually made to learn and know the importance of innovation in life. It has created disruption in business and HR worldwide and pushed back all of us to think innovatively. When there is darkness, you innovate for light, when there is heat, you innovate for cooling. Covid- 19 has made us to innovate in connecting each other in times of social distancing. There cannot be much better example of innovation than this. Technology has become a supporting tool to innovate that kept people connecting.

For us too, to close down the magazine was very easy and comfortable but our commitment towards our readers and profession has compelled us to think innovatively and do something new during the turbulent time and the result is the e-magazine till the crisis is over.

May 2020 cover story of this edition explores the current landscape and what is in store for future, what discourages HR function from adopting innovative HR practices and how technology have made their work  more effective and meaningful.