Mixing professional compulsions with emotions

He served in many reputed big conglomerates of the country at different locations in different sectors. Last time when he visited to this facility, he appreciated the efforts of Hashmat in bringing employees and management on same page and neutralising the union as Hashmat through his consistent innovative initiatives, workers realised that there remained no need of any union.

It was the net outcome of the trust towards management; Hashmat was able to develop among the employees of this company, that he got the confession letter from Prem Singh, one of its very senior workmen and apology about a misconduct he committed. When the workman wrote the confession sitting before Hashmat, Prem Singh was confident that management would not cause harm to his employment. Simply asking by Hashmat whether he has done wrong, he could gather courage to say no and accepted that he did wrong. He should not have fallen into the greed trap induced by a co employee.

For last about eight years, since Hashmat joined the organisation as HR manager, after severe labour unrest, this company faced for about four months, he worked hard on repairing the employee relations. He rebuilt the environment of mutual trust and transparency and in last eight years there was no case of disciplinary matter. Hashmat had a different philosophy. He believed in reformatory approach by making employee felt about the guilt from inside and let pass through the repentance of his own and in...

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