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Meet the Challenge

Anil Kaushik

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The disruption brought on by the pandemic has forced organizations to recognize the need for employee development. Also the way the pandemic still wreaking havoc, providing psychological  safety to employees has attained critical focus for organizations. Here comes the role of coaching with more relevance and force. Professional coaching is relatively a new concept in India and has gained momentum only in the last few years. Formally or informally, some form of coaching most likely takes place in all organizations. If done well, it can help organizations prepare employees for future challenges and positively impact business performance, if not, then whole process gets diluted and confusion erupts in work culture.

According to studies, it is established that coaching apart from brining ability to deal with change,  increasing resilience and goal attainment with problem solving mindset among employees and leaders, it can also help in decreasing depression and managing stress. But it is important for organizations to make difference and draw line between psychological therapy and developing resources.

Over the years, a significant shift can be seen in how organizations view coaching. Why it was not very successful or thought as value addition exercise earlier because expectation from coach was unrealistic. Coach was perceived  like an expert who will fix all  the problems, but  the organisational fact was not understood  that unless the executive or the leader will be willing to  reflect  internally and assess his problems honestly with intent to work on solution, coaching will not add any value. It is a two way process. Now it is gradually recognized that a working environment has to be built up where coaching culture is flourished and coaching behaviours are used as means of communicating, managing and influencing others thereby valuing the learning and development of employees. It is a personalized and customized activity done on one -to-one basis.

Since pandemic has changed the way business organizations work resulting in to remote working, hybrid work places with WFH, Coaching for the future has also to be changed accordingly to meet the requirements. Virtual coaching which will be more required in coming times, it will have its own challenges too. It adds new layers of complexity. Technology invasion in to human life that attempts to govern the behavior may at some point of time present chatbot as a replacement to coach. But that would be a mistake. Mere conversations by chatbot cannot dilute or diffuse the importance of compassion and empathy, coach demonstrates with coachee in the process that helps developing coachee.

Cover story of June 2021 edition is all about Coaching for the future wherein you will find all probable answers of your questions by the renowned coaches of the Country.